Marathon fueling and my new friends at Energy Bits

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The miles are starting to add up. I am running 10-12 miles over the course of the week with a long run on the weekends. These are supposed to take place on Saturdays but recently have been moved to Sundays for scheduling reasons. I have seem to found a groove now, keeping my pace just under 9 min. Of course, where I live it is hilly which means longer runs have more variations on my splits. I hope these count as hill sessions and are working my cardiovascular system to its maximum potential.

My friend, Pattie, and I logging miles along the Thames
Last weekend I had a 7 mile run. Luckily, the sun was out in the morning on a Sunday and I was able to stand the cold in just a layer of merino wool. A few months back, my husband put on a Carl Cox mix from 2006 & also one by Fatboy Slim. I think after that 7 mile run I am ready for new music. It took just over an hour but the songs are getting a bit repetitive

I prefer running first thing in the morning before I eat breakfast. My stomach isn't always the best when I run and I would hate to be caught out many mikes from home in need of a loo. Because I am also on the whole30 this month I am limited to what snacks and drinks I cam fuel my body with for longer sessions. Somehow I discovered Energy Bits in the autumn. They are 100% algae without any additives, such as sugar or artificial colors, which means they are whole30, paleo and vegan (Score!) . And they promised to be easy on the tummy by slowly releasing nutrients.  Two sample packs were sent to me while I was home in the USA for Christmas. One pack contains 30 'bits' which you swallow whole.  I took them before a 5k training run.  As there are 30 bits to swallow, I drank a few gulps of water to wash them down and felt quite full for my run. But no tummy issues. Sometimes gels make me feel ill, which means I usually carry Haribos and nuts with raisins for half marathons. I avoid the freebies on course routes as I never know how my stomach will react.  I felt great though on this run and couldn't wait to try bits on a longer distance. These are what they look like:  

Seven miles & no breakfast + Energy Bits. I felt good-aside from the mental training. I even through in an additional hill at the end for fun (or was it just to make my way back home?) the only thing I was was thirsty.  After a good stretch and a bottle of water, I made myself breakfast and victoriously feasted.   I felt energized and ready for the day.

Of course Monday and Tuesday my legs felt tired cycling to work. I am taking this as I sign I need to start strength training. My body needs to hold itself up for the 26.2 miles. A friend who gas run marathons said to make sure cross training involves weights.  I just need to figure out how I will add into my schedule. It needs to be a priority as I cannot let my body break into a million pieces as I cross the finish line.

The people at Energy Bits are so nice, they asked me to become an Ambassador.  This means 25% off for you with code PTMOLLIE (you're welcome).  If you place an order with me (by emailing and transferring money to my account) by 21 February, I will pay for postage to UK and simply ask for you to pay £3/pack for UK shipping. It is a great opportunity to give them a try.  Or email me for a free sample (limited to first 10 requests).  Check out the other bits too, such as Skinny Bits, Recovery Bits, and Vitality Bits.

Disclosure: As an ambassador, for every 10 bags of Energy Bits purchased with my code, I receive 1 bag free.  I still have to pay for shipping though.  The good news is I can run without my tummy getting upset.

UPDATE: The discount code is now only valid for 25% off your purchase due to a policy change with Energy Bits.  Thanks for understanding.

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