#whole30 still causing me anxiety

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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Last week, I dreamed I was out moving my stuff from storage to my home. I was walking back with the last load and I realized I was drinking a Diet Coke. I didn't remember buying it, opening it, but I suddenly realized I was on day 15 of the whole30 (remember this is in my dream) and I was going to have to start all over again. My thought process was-what if I just threw away the can, would I really need to start over? The. I was at a kids birthday party and dinner was being served. It was pizza, and I ate some.

Weird dream huh? I have just reached the hump of day 15 and clearly have not slayed any sugar dragons, sugar cravings, etc. I am in denial. My latest thought process is 'so what if I enjoy a can of diet coke a day?' 'If I cut out grains and dairy, that should buy me some spare nutrition points, right?' 

Nearly every day this month, my sweet treat has been a banana covered with almond butter. It is delicious and it take serious restraint to not have 2 or 3.  Hunger triggers at work are clearly stress-related. Any time I feel over-whelmed, I reach for my lunch bag. Luckily this month it has raisins, nuts, apples, and the occasional Nakd bar instead of the old standby of Kit Kats, and a 2nd can of diet coke.  Adding spices such as cinnamon and coriander make my meals a bit sweeter and enjoyable (even chicken thighs).

I am loving how I feel on the whole30 though for the most part. There is zero pain in plantar fasciitis and/or Achilles tendinitis. My stomach has been great, except for the last few days. This is either from my delivery of Nakd bars or more likely the potatoes I have starting using in my cooking. With my weekly veg delivery, a bag of tripoli potatoes appear. I let the first bag sit in the cupboard thinking I was use at the end of my 30 days. The following week another bag arrived.  It was only in 2014 that the whole30 amended its overarching manifesto and allowed potato back onto our plates (luckily sweet potatoes have always been ok).  When I consulted my other whole30 friends, Leah, said she avoided them as they made her feel bloated. I have only noticed my bathroom patterns have changed slightly. I made 3 dishes with the potatoes (pink soup, crack veg, cauliflower, potato, kale curry) so once my leftover are gone I will just keep the potatoes in the cupboard.

Little sugar dragons. Don't they look delish?
Unfortunately my 36th birthday falls in the last few days of my whole30. We are also having a farewell run for Leah at Winter Run UK followed by a brunch. It makes me sad that I can't indulge in these small celebrations. Honestly, I don't mind the not-drinking part (it would be nice to toast some prosecco) but no chocolate? No dessert? No syrup? No pancakes? 

Damn you sugar dragon.

One week to go.

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