The 12 things that got me through my #janathon runs

Friday, January 23, 2015

The weather in January is getting old quick.  I spend half my day worrying about what I should wear on my run, followed by half the run taking things off.  Occasionally, the sun will be shining and then everything seems ok with the world.  Between #janathon and marathon training, I have had twice as much motivation to get out the door and put some miles in.  It is even a bit light when I get home from work now, which is also encouraging.

Ear band, Yur Buds, merino top, Oldland- check!
1.  Karrimor high vis ear band- Keeps my ears warm, extra security for  my Yur Buds (see #2), holds my hair in place and makes me visible from all directions.
2.  Yur Buds- Up until I picked up some Yur Buds in 2012, I used to run with old school headphones.  Ear buds would always fall out of my ears and actually hurt to wear as well (I have small ear canals).  Plus the sound quality was never good. So I didn't worry about being cool but focused on my runs instead.  Luckily, Yur Buds comes in different sizes, is a soft flexible material and twist in for a perfect fit.  These are a must if you run with some tunes on.
3.  Icebreaker 200 baselayer top- I make no secret that I love merino wool.  Merino socks have been a staple since living in Michigan.  Now I also invest in base layers for summer and winter.  This month, the chilly yet sunny temperatures make the Icebreaker 200 lightweight perfect single layer for outdoor running. Added bonus is that they don't stink after wearing for several runs. Score!
4.  2XU compression leggings- Active In Style carries 2XU leggings so I picked up a pair with their Zero Calorie Advent Calendar discount code.  Compression leggings were something that I had been meaning to get for a while, but wasn't sure if they were worth the money.  Well, I can tell you after only a few runs that they are worth every cent.
5.  Smartwool merino socks- Mom, please send me a pair for my birthday.  They are expensive so one or two will do.  How can anyone wear cotton socks in the winter is beyond me.
My 2XU leggings with pink accents, naturally
6.  My dog- He may be old and take way too many sniff breaks, but he is good for 1-2 miles before I have to drag him home. We decided he is more of a sprinter than a long distance runner.  He also likes assisting me when I stretch.
7.  Poop bags (see #6)
8.  Workplay bags Fleetfoot II bumbag- this little bag carries everything for me (phone, keys, nakd bar, poop bags, plus gloves and jacket when I get warm). I am sad to say I might have to leave it at home for longer runs so I can have water bottles on my hips (it can carry 1 bottle).  Still working that out though.
Oldland 'helping' me stretch or making
sure I am not dead.
9.  Light weigh high vis running jacket- I have no problem will being lit up like a Christmas tree if that means no one will hit me or my dog.  Pretty sure I purchased this for cycling off Sport Pursuit. (amazing flash sales website for sporty people)
10. Nike fleece gloves with key pocket and reflective bits- fab gift from my stepmom a few years back. Not as warm as my proper cycling gloves yet better than stretchy gloves from pound shops. Thank you Nike.
11. Strava- This app has played an integral part in my training. Without it, I don't think I would have a clue about my progress. It even tells me every mile I have gone so I don't need to keep checking my phone for the distance.  Do you follow me yet on Strava?
12. Tissues/Kleenex- As I tweeted earlier this week 'I wish my legs ran as effortlessly as my nose'.

I can't believe we are nearly at the end of January.  Hopefully #janathon has developed some good habits for me in thinking about incorporating activity each and every day.  Here is a recap of my week:

Saturday: walking around Leyton looking at flats for hours on end
Sunday: 5 mile run, 40 min dog walk with Snowy
Monday: 90 min stretching yoga, cycle to/from work
Tuesday: 3 mile run, cycle to/from 3x
Wednesday: 30 min HIIT class (strength training), 2.2 mile run with dog; 1.8 miles on treadmill,
Thursday: Rest day but road bike to/from work and then to/from Waitrose (up a giant hill carrying a bag of potatoes in my bag), walked to and from train station
Friday: will entail: 3 mile run; teach 60 min HIIT class, stretch, cycle to/from work.

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