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Friday, January 16, 2015

Another week and #janathon is still going strong.  Remember I am tweeting all my activities if you want live updates through the week.

Of course, it is much easier to just read my weekly summaries.  So let's delay no further!

Just about every day, I am managing to get in a few walks in with Oldland (my dog) in the local park or around the neighborhood.  Variety is the spice of life for a dog.  Every day, I cycle my way to work and then walk to the gym for my shift.  The distances aren't that far, but I try to keep a steady pace.  There is one hill I cycle up (2x/day as Oldland is let out on my lunch break) and it never feels any easier to climb, especially after a long run day.  It is really discouraging as I don't think I am improving.  My husband pointed out that I need to time it, as it might still be tough but I may be going just a wee faster.  This week I will turn on the Strava before I leave work and see how I get on.

My mid-weeks runs are starting to get longer.  This week I had two 3 mile and one 4 mile runs.  But I also have found myself so exhausted I had to take a few days off from running.  If I am going to succeed in my marathon training, I really need to get more sleep booked into my schedule.  But I must say I am really proud of myself for sticking to the marathon training plan so far.  I have had to switch a few days around here and there, but I am meeting the required number of miles per week.

Because of the crap weather, I am focusing more on is home workout videos to balance my training.  The cold and wet is a bit discouraging, along with the sun setting while I am still at my desk.  To squeeze in a few more active minutes, You Tube has become a God-send.  I started off with Zero Calorie Advent Calendar channel and will soon have to look for something new.  What do you recommend?  Pilates on Demand? Movement for Modern Life?

Here is my #janathon summary for week 2:

Saturday: Lots of walking exploring new neighborhoods of London; short yoga video
Sunday: 7 mile run followed by a good stretch; 1 hour dog walk with Cinnamon Trust match; bike rides; more dog walks; walk to gym
Monday: cycled to/from work.  I was exhausted!
Tuesday: cycle rides, dog walks, 3 mile run
Wednesday: walked to work, 1 dog walk, 4 mile run.
Thursday: Abs; walked from St Pancras to Euston in heels with 10kg bag
Friday: 5K run; 45 min HIIT training; cycle to and from work

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