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Friday, January 9, 2015

First day of #janathon: walking to work
We are over a week into January and I am loving #Janathon.  Although I am training for Prague marathon, it has been an added motivator in getting me out the door.  My morning thoughts are not only 'when can I eat?' but now include 'what exercise can I fit into my day?'  (Contrary to popular belief, I do not exercise all day long.  I have a real job too.)

Luckily, my commute is by foot or by bike which makes for easy exercise.  I wanted to go above and beyond what I normally do though to really get the most out of #Janathon.  With that in mind, I also walk my dog a few times a day (10-20 minutes) but have been counting that too.  My marathon training ticks off 4 days a week.

Wells' 13th century cathedral
Two of the highlights of the last week were exploring Wells in Somerset,  It is the smallest city in England and where Hot Fuzz was filmed in 2007.  It is a only short drive from my in-laws which made it a perfect day trip.  The city square is instantly recognizable from the film and the cathedral is impressive.  Funnily enough, Hot Fuzz was on the telly that evening so the family watched a bit of it.  It was also neat to see the oldest continually occupied street in Europe (dating back to 1360's).
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From the film Hot Fuzz.  How could they be out of Cornettos?!?

The other treat was being connected with Olivia (of Golden Pulse) via Twitter through a mutual friend.  I knew I had to get a long run in for my marathon training but don't know too many people in Bristol.  Within minutes, I had a running buddy who took me along the towpath on a grey Sunday morning.  The time goes much quicker when you have someone to chat with, doesn't it?
Olivia and I post-run

Here is the breakdown for my first full week.  I hope to be more creative the rest of the month.

Saturday 3/1- 90 min walk with family and dog
Sunday 4/1- 6 mile run along Bristol towpath with new friend Olivia, explored Wells on foot with in-laws
Monday 5/1- 1 mile run with dog, who then got hit by a bike (my fault) after which we walked back together, another dog walk later
Tuesday 6/1- 2 mile run, cycle to work, walk to/from gym, 
Wednesday 7/1- Walk to/from work, 3 mile run, 30 min HIIT class
Thursday 8/1- 3 mile run, cycle to work, 2 dog walks (also #run2workday)

How do you incorporate exercise into your day?  Do you do press ups at your desk?  How about calf raises as you brush your teeth?  I would love tips on ways to squeeze it in.

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