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Friday, January 2, 2015

#Janathon dude
With January in full swing, many of us are focused on changing things we don't like. Maybe it is a job, fitness level, eating habits, outlook on life.  I have a few I am working on myself.  In true Mollie form, I have over committed for this month but there is some overlap. First, I am continuing my marathon training. My 'Back On Track' VTG start next week during which I will be exercising more routinely.  My eating habits will be refined by following a Paleo diet for the first half of the VTG, which will take a large commitment of time and organisation.  With the redesign of my website (what do you think?) I also want to develop my fitness writing a bit further. That is where Janathon comes in.

Janathon started 5 year ago by Joggerblogger. It has since been taking over by Cathy White of Jog Blog fame. This year, there are over 100 participants. Every day we are committed to doing some sort of exercise.  When Janathon first started, you had to write about your exercise each day on your blog. This year, it is a bit more simplified- tweeting and face booking count too.  

I will be tweeting with the hashtag #Janathon and blogging a summary of my training schedules on Fridays.  If you want more, I will probably be snapping photos of my training on Instagram and Twitter. I encourage you to do the same. Shout about your physical activity on social media and to friends and family. You will be an inspiration to others and be held accountable too.

Janathon will be popping up on the blog over the next few weeks, so I hope you enjoy it.  I am happy to try some new exercise outlets.  Please let me know where you are exercising and what you are doing in the comments below. I will try to cheer you on if I am able.

#janathon training log:

1st January- ride bike to & from work, walk dog 2x
2nd January- walk to & from work, 1.7 mile run with dog, walk dog 2x

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