#janathon comes to an end

Saturday, January 31, 2015

First year & it was great!
I can't believe it is the end of January already and therefore the end of #janathon.  This month has flown by and I feel better than ever.  Of course, I was over-committed per usual with marathon training, #whole30, the VTG, and #janathon.  But I stuck with it and survived.

The thing I enjoyed most about #janathon was how I had to think every day about being active and then make it happen.  It was also great blogging about my adventures.  It would have been great to have posted every day, but I knew I had to set limits.  So in an attempt to be as creative as the other #janathon bloggers out there, I have made a little name poem (which takes me back to primary school).

Just do it. No time for excuses, I had to get out there!
Accountable. I knew there were other bloggers out there taking the challenge too. I didn't want to let them down
Never quit. I knew I had to do something, big or small, every day.  Since it was only 31 days, I knew I could.
Always keep moving. The brilliant part of #janathon is that walking, cycling, running around your garden in a dressing gown, all count.
Twitter was how I let the world know about my daily activities rather than blogging. Thank goodness for instant gratification.
Hungry.  All this training (and no sugar) gives me the munchies every once in a while.
Only 31 days. Nice and neat.
Next year. I'm in!

To wrap up the month, a dozen or so of the #janathon bloggers are going for a pub lunch next weekend.  I look forward to meeting the people I have been encouraging over Twitter this month.  Plus I will be off the #whole30 and therefore able to partake in a tipple.  Bring it.

Here is the summary of the last week of this #janathon adventure.  Thank you to all who kept cheering for me and accompanied me on my runs.

Saturday: Hours walking around East London looking at flats.  At least weather was better than it has been.  Dog walks.
Sunday: 9 mile run listening to Rich Roll podcast (see photo below), then 30 min of short intervals with my friend Becki.  Dog walks
Monday: Cycle to/from work, 2 dog walks
Tuesday: 2 quick runs= 3 miles, cycle to/from work and gym.
Wednesday:  30 min HIIT class, cycle to/from work, walk to/from gym, 30 min leg massage :)
Thursday:  20 min yoga, cycle to/from work, run 3.9 miles, 2 dog walks
Friday:  Accumulated 4 miles of running, plus 45 min of HIIT class, walk to/from gym, and 2 dog walks.
Saturday:  Technically a rest day for marathon training (and I have a 10K race + 4 miles tomorrow) so I walked 2 miles to Waitrose, then volunteered by walking a dog for 45 minutes.  My pup got two 15 min dog walks too.

(Sorry for the extreme close up WOAAAHHHHH)
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