Conquer 2015 with SMART goals

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Forget 'resolutions'. Set SMART goals and take action in 2015.  Read my tips on goal setting on the H2 Life Blog then set your own.

Here are a few of mine:

1.  Run my first marathon on 3 May 2015 in under 5 hours 30 min.
2.  Spend more time with my husband where we are 'unplugged'. (I know this isn't SMART yet, but he and I need to work out what is achievable).
3.  Become a Clubberise instructor by end of 2015.
4.  Complete my Coach in Running Fitness certification by 1 July 2015. (Anyone need a free running coach for 8 weeks? Seriously).
5.  Publish my first e-book by 1 October 2015.
6.  Recruit 10 new members to the RODS Racing European team and set up the RODS Jr Program at St Saviours C of E Primary.

If you want more coaching for your SMART goals with additional support from me, consider joining my Virtual Training Group which starts 5th January.

When you have your's figured out, leave a comment below for added accountability. Once you tell the world via the internet, you have no choice but to do it, right?  :)

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