Weekend Challenge- Spread kindness

Friday, November 7, 2014

Good girl Snowy!
Recently I started volunteering with Cinnamon Trust.  This organization matched volunteers with older, disabled, or sick people to help care for their pets by walking dogs, cleaning bird cages, or playing with cats.  Originally, I signed up because I didn't have a pup of my own and wanted to get some doggy cuddles in.  But before a local match was found through Cinnamon Trust, we adopted a dog of own.  I am busy walking my own dog but I hate to turn away a neighbor who can use my help.

Snowy is a 9 year old American Eskimo dog and her owner has limited sight and mobility.  I help out an hour a week and visit with her owner for a cuppa after the walk is over.  It beings me joy to make Snowy happy (she loves running in the park) and to bring companionship to her owner.  (and selfishly, I am incorporating my marathon training with our walks- soon to be runs!)

This weekend, I challenge you to spread kindness by helping a neighbor.  Clear their path of leaves, fetch them milk from the shop, or pay for a coffee for the next person in line at the coffee shop. Take it a step further and sign up to volunteer at the local library, school, church, or animal shelter.

Little things can make a difference into a person's life. Take some time to think about how your actions affect others around and make a difference today.

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