6 of my guilty pleasures

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Breaking news! I am human. Sure online I highlight any time I do an ounce of exercise and eat well. But don't assume I am perfect.  Think about this: when I finished university, Sex and the City was da bomb. I would watch several episodes in a row and then feel terrible about my boring single life in a mid-sized town. It took me a while to realise that the show highlights 20-25 min of awesomeness (or some sort of hilarity) out of the lives of four successful women. If I broke down my life into 20 min segments, I am sure I would find some good stuff.  Everyone does nowadays with social media and I bet you could too if you took a moment to look back.

So you can get to know me a bit better, I am going to let you in on a few of my secrets…my guilty pleasures (I hope you won't think less of me).

Twilight.  Rainy afternoon with nothing to do? Chances are you will find me on my couch under a blanket with a mud mask on and Twilight in the DVD player. I don't feel too guilty because I have bought all the films at local charity shops.  And who doesn’t love a brooding vampire?

Eating raw cookie dough and cake batter. I have a giant sweet tooth. Anything sugary I will eat (except liquorice and macaroons).  My family baked a lot growing up (mostly brownies and Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip cookies) and my mom would let me lick the spoon.  We always had ice cream in the house and my grandma would hide Kit Kats in her drawer for my brother and me.  If I had to choose one as my ultimate weakness, it would be raw cookie dough (which conveniently Ben and Jerry’s turned into an ice cream flavour. Genius!).

(If I have spare £30) Manicures. Manis are something my mom and I would do for special occasions when I was little (family weddings and proms mostly). Then in grad school, my girlfriends and I would treat ourselves every few months to a trip to the salon as a way to relax while complaining about our advisor. Once my skin allergy became worse, I found manicures were no longer allowed. It really made me sad as I like to be girly once in a while and spend time with friends. Luckily, Shellac/gel nails have been invented since. Manicures are back in the picture and I don't have to worry about them chipping as soon as I walk out of the salon. Hurray! 

Diet Coke. I have publicly admitted my struggles kicking this habit. Somehow I survived my 1st attempt at #Whole30 without caving in and therefore know it is possible to quit. It is the chance of relapse that is high.  Fizzy drinks (as they call pop/soda/coke in the UK) are against just about everything I stand for (including confusing the general public on where penguins and polar bears live). So why do I continue to jones for it?  There must be something in the secret formula I cannot resist.

Kraft Mac-n-cheese. This food has emotional attachment for me.  I grew up on it. Yes I know it is all chemicals and an unnatural color of orange. But when/if I am hung over, this is what my body craves. Any friend from home who crashes with us in London pays me in these blue boxes.

Sleeping. I feel guilty for feeling guilty about this one. Sleep is a necessity to rest, repair, and rejuvenate. However, I know many ladies in their 20s-30s who pursue what they love (blogging, writing, running, volunteering) somewhere around a full paying gig.  Sleep is what is sacrificed to make time for everything. Very rarely is there a morning these days where I don't set an alarm. My Lumie lamp wakes me up and I turn the light off and hit snooze. I should probably work on work-life balance in 2015 that prioritizes sleep over a few other guilty that didn’t make the list (ahem, Millionaire Matchmaker).
If you have a guilty pleasure, whether it is a food, drinks, or some other indulgent activity, don’t worry. We all do (no matter what their Instagram photos show). As the Happiness Personal Trainer, I encourage you to work on finding balance. Negative reinforcement (taking something away) rarely works as a training methodology. Instead, work on portion control, time limits, and simply getting more sleep.  

Now that you know my secrets, do tell me what yours are. What is your guilty pleasure?

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