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Monday, October 20, 2014

Dear faithful readers,

Please accept my apologies for slipping under the radar.  I have been away for a family matter which has also taken a bit of my mojo away (or maybe it is just the jetlag).  Feel free to use the tags to find a quickie workout (there are over 100 now) or a Weekend Challenge if you are in the need of a boost.  I should probably take my own advice.....

I am happy to say I am back now in London and looking forward to autumnal running weather.  The Zero Calorie Advent Calendar (ZCAC) is in full production mode behind the scenes and it is going to be great this year.  We have old favorites, as well as new businesses, taking part for the 3rd year of the calendar.  Keep checking the ZCAC blog for more news and info.  The calendar itself will go live on 1st December.

The other small project I am working on is a virtual run for ROD Racing.  For those that don't know, a virtual run is one where you run on your own.  It can just be at any old time or if you are already signed up for a race, that counts too!  Adult medals for a 5K or 10K distance are only £20, with kids medals at £10.  This includes free P&P to anywhere in UK or EU.  All the info on how to register is here.  Remember all the proceeds benefit our current orphan, Marcus, who is 95% to his fundraising goal of $15,000 (£10,000).  The more people who sign up for this race, the faster Marcus goes to his forever home.

Finally, I am gearing up to do another month of clean eating.  I think that will help me regain my focus and boost my mood a bit.

I hope you have a terrific week.

In health and happiness,

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