Quickie Workout #109

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Remember to go for QUALITY over quantity. If you are unclear what the exercise is I am describing, please look for a video or arrange for an in-person tutorial with me.  Please consult your doctor before engaging on any fitness regime.

Don't forget to breathe! Please email me if you want tips on how to make the quickies easier or more challenging (mollie@ptmollie.com).

Warm  up- 10 squats, 10 jumping jacks/star jumps, 10 push/press ups, 20 squats, 20 jumping jacks/star jumps, 20 push/press ups, 30 squats, 30 jumping jacks/star jumps, 30 push/press ups
1 min-  Walking backwards lunges.  Be careful!
1 min-  Squat thrusts
1 min-  Step up with a vertical hop on left foot
1 min-  Step up with a vertical hop on right foot
1 min-  Supermans
1 min-  Dead fish on right side
1 min-  Dead fish on left side
1 min-  Spiderman push/press ups
1 min-  Crab tricep dips
1 min-  Reverse plank
1 min-  Hammer curl
1 min-  Burpees
1 min-  Side plank left
1 min-  Side plank right

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