Less than 7 Days to go, thank goodness!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Monday 1st September
Today I am really restless. I have several days of social activities planned over the weekend and my #Whole30 challenge is causing complications. It is day 23 so I should be feeling victorious with 'tiger's blood' coursing through my veins.  But no.  I am still yawning in the morning and nodding off at my desk.

Home  is stressful as we are still trying to figure out what to cook and how much it will cost (side note- I am still not convinced #Whole30 is more expensive, more on that in another post).  I have to call my in-laws to explain what I can and cannot eat.  Going out to eat isn't any easier as I am worried I will slip up.  The anxiety dreams are still occurring (but I will say i am not waking up as often in the middle of the night).  And I am snacking on fruit often.

Wednesday 3rd September
Friends are visiting from America, so we were up late gabbing.  Today I struggled to stay awake at my desk and in meetings, even though I had peppermint tea with me.  I had a big breakfast and lunch which left me without any snack attacks.  I was a bit worried about going out to dinner with my friends but found success at The Fellow near Kings Cross.  I even enjoyed my first ever steak but had to look on longingly when the cheesecake arrived.  Luckily I had banana and nut butter waiting for me at home.

Thursday 4th September
I am not  used to this rock star life of staying up until midnight every day!  My peppermint tea stock has been replenished and I might need a cup or two today.  There is only 1 #Whole30 meal left in the fridge so tonight I will have to do some cooking (Blue Ribbon Country Chicken without bacon) and try to meet my friends in Camden later.  Still no tiger's blood/energized feeling.  My husband pointed out that I didn't have much of an emotional roller coaster at the start so maybe this is it for me?

The upcoming weekend
The end is near but one last hurdle to get across.  We are going to visit Bristol on Saturday for a football match and night out on the town.  Then a pub lunch with the in-laws to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday.  I really don't mind not drinking.  The #Whole30 makes me self conscious when ordering and slightly paranoid I will eat accidentally something that isn't allowed. It shouldn't be stressful anymore, right?  Why don't I have the hang of this yet?

Also at mealtime, I find I have to explain why I am trying out this 30 day program (body reset, stop sugar cravings, eat unprocessed foods).  Then I have to defend it and explain all the points.  After 25 days, I just want to say 'read the book if you are really that interested.  Don't be a hater. All I am doing is trying to be healthy by not eating crap. How is that a bad thing?'


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