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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

There is less than 6 days until I start my Whole30 journey. Of course, I am still a bit nervous about the first 7 days (as apparently you want to 'kill all things' by Days 4 and 5) but I hope once I am over the hump I will experience a miracle.  After reading testimonial after testimonial, I am hoping 30 days without sugar or wheat will 'magically' make my Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis disappear.  I am hoping I can sleep through the night without waking up and stay awake during the day without Diet Coke.

The other thing I thought I would be excited about, but now am having doubts about, is starting to eat meat.  Let me give you some background- I started off as a vegetarian in primary school because I was a picky eater.  Saying I was a vegetarian was easier than listing all the foods I didn't like when eating over a friend's house.  Basically, I grew up on mozzarella sticks and Mac-N-Cheese.  The only meat I ate growing up was a tuna sandwich in my lunchbox every day (with a side of vanilla yogurt and Fritos).  Ever since November 2009 TIME arrived in our mailbox explaining tuna is on the verge of extinction (seriously, please don't eat it anymore), I am 99.99% meat free (except for my Mom's meatball on Christmas every 2 years).

Imagine having a defining characteristic (left-handed, red head, wearing thick glasses), and then waking up and it was gone.  I identify with being a vegetarian.  It makes it much easy to chose my meal when we go out to eat.  It simplifies our grocery shopping.  I know the protein content for all kinds of food.  But now, I feel like a big part of me (for nearly 30 years) will be missing.

When I explained this to my good friend, Lisa, she said she wouldn't list being a vegetarian as one of my defining qualities.  (Thanks Trips!)  Looking back, I think being vegetarian has become more 'important' since moving to London, as it comes up every time I meet someone new (which has been fairly often over the last 3.5 years).  I also feel guilty because meat consumption contributes to climate change.  In true Paleo-form, I intend to aim for local, organic meats (probably sticking to chicken and ground beef).

As the Whole30 philosophy goes, it is only 30 days and it won't be hard.  Perhaps the meat will help me with my athletic training too and prevent me from mid-day snacking.  Fingers crossed I can successfully complete the 30 days even though I have a friend's hen do and friends visiting from the USA. I love planning which means I should enjoy the preparation part of the Whole 30.  Historically, I am a bit cautious of trying new things that I think will taste gross (like beer and coffee).  Maybe being outside my comfort zone will help me find personal growth.  After all, I used to be known as the girl who didn't swear, then the girl dropped drinks, then girl who moved to London.  Any idea on what I will be known as next?


  1. Hey Mollie. I am nervous/excited for the Whole30 too. I started going strict Primal on August 1st. Primal says 80/20 paleo. I'm doing ok so far. No soda. No dairy (even though Primal allows it). I am going to have a Tim Ferriss 4 Hour Body cheat day on Sunday, Aug 10th. I've been doing Primal/Ferris off and on for awhile now. The whole30 has always scared me. But I need to kickstart something. I've been stuck. We are going to do this!

  2. Awesome Mike! I am loving the enthusiasm. Do you think it will change any of the dynamics in your household?


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