Weekend Challenge

Friday, August 8, 2014

As it is meant to be rainy here in London, I challenge you to invite some friends over, put all 'portable electronic devices' away in a different room, and play a game.  Whether it is black jack, Twister, Monopoly, Charades, it doesn't matter.  Enjoy your friends company.  Don't worry about your inbox.  It isn't going anywhere.

As a bonus challenge, please donate to RODS Racing, the charity I work with.  We sponsor 1 orphan with Down Syndrome at a time. Funds raised cover 1/2 of their adoption fees, which can be $20,000-30,000.  Currently, we have Marcus, a 9 year old in China.  

While you are warm and dry this weekend playing games, I will be riding 100 miles on my bike on Sunday to support Marcus and other orphans in need.  Any size gift is greatly appreciated.

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