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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Full fridge
Today is Day 3 of my Whole30 journey.  My co-workers and friends have started to ask how it is going. My reply this morning? "I had lamb for breakfast".  I have also had a lot of people on Facebook and Twitter ask me about this program because they are curious themselves.  This is my first time, so I am hardly an expert.  To help people understand and visualize what I am surviving on, I created a spreadsheet for public viewing.  I also hope if I am doing something wrong, someone will notice and let me know.  You can also follow me on Twitter as I will tweet a photo of each meal (those links are on the spreadsheet too). Hopefully I won't be completely consumed by this lifestyle change, but I recognize it dominates a lot of my conversation these days.

My mood has been ok.  I was nodding off at work on Monday but used peppermint tea to get me through the day.  I have felt a bit more tired, but that might be from the mighty bike ride on Sunday.  The only strange thing is having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and finding it really hard to wake up in the morning (the snooze button is my best friend).

The hardest part has been eating meat.  I don't know how to cook it, store it, or cut it (big thanks to my husband for helping with these life lessons).  I don't particularly like the texture or the taste.  I also don't like olives or tea, but I am consuming those too.  Maybe my tastes will change by the end of my 30 days.

Messy kitchen
My first big test will be going out with friends on Friday.  I need to bring food with me or eat outside the pub.  I also can't drink and will take a bollocking for that.  Friday is day 5 so I hope I will have overcome all my urges to 'kill everything' otherwise I really won't be any fun.

The other event I am trying to plan out is a bike ride with Lunges and Lyrca to Brighton.  When I did Prudential Ride London (race report coming soon!), I survived on sugary drinks, breakfast bars, and energy gels.  Now I need to ride 50+ miles on water. And dates.  And possibly skip the boozy lunch? No!  But this is how life works.  If I kept putting off my Whole30 reset every time a conflict came up, I would never do it.

So for now, my fridge is full and my mind fills with meal strategies.  Yesterday, I had a mayo fail, so I will probably try that again tonight.  Do you have any tips?

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  1. I went out drinking - had a tonic water with fresh lime. Looks like a drink. It's so nice to wake up without the sore head in the morning!
    You defo can have more than water and dates on your cycle! lol (compliant) Nakd bars are good...bananas..plenty of options! It's so much more fun to focus on what you CAN have than what you can't! and i'd avoid the foods you don't like cos that won't make the experience anymore enjoyable!
    Well done on getting to day 3! keep up the good work!


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