Race review: Electric Run

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Start line
26 April 2014
Wembley Stadium, London

This was the first Electric Run to hit London. Similar to Colour Run, Foam Fest, etc, this run is more of an experience rather than a time trial.  Tons of people (20k+ if you go by bib numbers) attended so I imagine it will come again next year.  The brand is now global with many race locations in UK and USA.

Water station is electric!
Registration process & fees: Register online on the Electric Run website. Many of my friends felt £35+ (fee went up as the race day drew near) was too expensive for an un-timed 5k without bling.  I was lucky enough to find a voucher on Living Social which saved me a few pounds as I didn't register until 2 weeks before the race. Packet pick up was in Covent Garden or at Wembley a few days before the race, which helped you avoid a £5 'convenience' charge for pick up on the day. There was a HUGE queue to pick up your race packet at the start line. One friend told me he wasn't charged the convenience fee when he got his t-shirt and race number.  I don't know if anyone was charged or of they gave up after too many complaints. Did I mention there was a huge queue for the packet pick up? Luckily my Swiss friend doesn't believe in waiting in line (for anything) so we walked by everyone to find we could enter the start area right away. Personally, I was really disappointed that there wasn't a bag check.  I didn’t have anyone cheering me on to hold my stuff.  And as the event was at night, it would have been nice to have a few layers handy for the party afterwards.
Kat nearing the end and still happy

Location: The course wound around Wembley Stadium and the car parks, which was super convenient for me

Course & bogs: We waited 30 min in a herding area to start as there was a variable start time (waves started every 5 minutes between 8:30pm-9:45pm). No bogs in sight and it was a bit cold after the sun went down.  There was 1 water station on the course with very cool glowing cups.  In the finish area there were at least 20 port-a-loos which my friend desperately needed.

Different zones along the course
Atmosphere: Electric! Everyone was there to have a good time. There were people of all ages and abilities. The course is open to walkers to (but I would suggest organizers let runners start first next year in case anyone wants to actually run the entire time). So much effort was put into fancy dress with flashing lights, glow sticks, and face paint.  I was amazed at the creativity!  At the finish line was an after party with a dj, food/drink vendors, and some cool places to take photos.  The lines were huge so we didn’t bother getting anything. 

Bling/goody bags: No bling, but everyone got a black cotton t shirt (I got a women's large, which was only longer, not wider, than the medium), glow stick glasses (I took off in holding area because they were annoying me), and a light up wrist band which lit up as you were running.  It has an on-off switch so you can use it all summer or at festivals.

After party stage
Tips if you decide to take part next time: Start planning your fancy dress now and don’t hold back.  Use the race to encourage friends to get active.  My friend from the USA was in town and it was her first time to take part in a race.  She loved it! Don't expect to get a PB as there are lots of walkers.  Plus the event is untimed and the course length varies depending on the location. Go to the bathroom before you get into line to queue for the start line as you won’t find a loo until the finish. One negative thing is that it is the most energy inefficient race I have ever been to due to energy used for the lights, blowers, and all the rubbish left on the ground. 

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