Goodbye fried eggs and Mountain Dew

Thursday, March 6, 2014

I have been having a pity party for myself over the last several months.  It started with plantar fasciitis in May 2013, which has only recently subsided (touch wood).  In November, I started a new job but the commute took away my fitness teaching opportunities and time to train.  In December we moved to be closer to my new job (yay) and then it was the Christmas party season.  January brought about new motivation (as it does for everyone) with the delivery of Julia Buckely's The Fat Burn Revolution (TFBR).  I was settled into a routine at work, had a 10 minute commute, and was refreshed by the shiny new year.  I started experiencing pain in my shoulder meaning I was no longer able to lift with Julia.  Even swimming was uncomfortable.  To help speed my recovery, I had a few massages with Anne of The Green Well.  She thought it was more of a muscular response to training after getting out of habit. It was a relief to know the situation was temporary.  After each massage session, I immediately felt relief.  Readjusting my desk height at work also seemed to reduce the strain on my neck and shoulders.  I felt ready to get back to exercising so while my shoulder was recovering I did a few muddy runs in the local park in the hope my fasciitis would not rear its ugly head. The short runs on grass left my feet feeling ok. I started to think it was time to get back into fitness.  We went away on a ski trip.  And when we got back, I developed a cold. Brilliant.

During this time, I was mentally creating this huge list of races to complete in 2014. My motivation comes from Rod's Racing as I am in charge of European recruitment (wanna join?).  Physically I am wondering if I will make it. My first big race is a 1/2 marathon in May and the other big one is Ride London 100 in August.  Hal Higdon's 8 week plan is what I am trying to follow, but my cold has gotten in the way a bit.  Four runs in so far.  Instead of speed work, I have re-started TFBR (1 session done!).  My mileage this week has been low but I can't breathe through my nose properly yet. Other races I am considering are the Dorney Lake Duathlon, Thames Turbo Sprint Triathlon, and Electric Run.

Where do fried eggs and Mountain Dew come into all this?  I have gained 10 pounds.  In 3 months.  At my age, I am not confident my metabolism will be able to reverse this.  My activity levels are still low as I no longer teach classes.  It all comes down to calories in.  I am the first to say I have no self control.  If food is in front of me, I will eat it.  If I start drinking, it's going to be a crazy night.  Part of my new job's daily routine is a tea break in the morning.  It started off with a few biscuits than were replaced by an egg and toast as a healthy replacement.  However, today I witnessed the eggs coming out to the buffet.  And they were in a pan with 1cm of oil.  Why is it necessary to cook like this?  I have no idea.  It seems to be about 90 calories but 70% saturated fat.  Toast is 69 calories.  In addition to this champion meal, I have a 400ml bottle of Mountain Dew every day (maybe I should get over my disdain of coffee and tea. After a crazy Christmas Eve, I am off Diet Coke for a while).  And, as my scale will tell you, these calories add up when consumed 5 days per week.

So as of today, I am saying goodbye to the fried eggs and Mountain Dew. I know they are bad for me (even without the weight gain).  I just needed extra motivation to cut them out.  Peppermint tea is packed in my lunch bag for tomorrow's dosing at my desk, as is an apple with peanut butter for my morning snack.  If worse comes to worse, I will have to be unsocial and not go to the canteen on my tea break.

How do you stay awake at your desk?  Have you ever had to change your routine at work to avoid temptations?

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