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Friday, February 28, 2014

There is a little girl, nearly 5 years old, who is looking for a loving home.  Her name is Mei Chen and she  acts and does things like any other child, and in fact, she can put her shoes on all by herself, dress herself, and then take her clothes and shoes off all by herself!
She is a delightful young lady.  She understands what adults say to her but has a bit of difficulty saying things back clearly.  She uses some words and also uses body language and points at things to communicate.  
The only thing Mei Chen needs is a loving family to adopt her.
This is where you come in.  By joining Rods Racing, you will help save an orphan with Down Syndrome.  We raise money to offset the adoption costs.  All you have to do is bike, run, swim, bake, raffle (you get the idea) and help us gather donations.
I cannot tell you how motivating it is to be on this team.  Many mornings when I do not want to train, I think of the children I am helping, the 'bets' I have made with friends to get a large donation based on achieving a PB, and family members who have been affected by Down Syndrome.
Rods has teams all over the world.  I personally manage the European team and am happy to help you sort of a training and race schedule.  No matter where you live, get in touch for more info or simply register today.

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