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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Monday 6 January I am bringing together 12 lovely people from all over the globe for the next session of the 'Back on Track' virtual training group.  This is a 8 week program conducted over email to help you reach your goals while providing support and accountability.

Simple details:

WHO:  Open to anyone who has an email account, limited 12 members

WHAT:  8 week program in which you set and achieve SMART goals by checking in over email on Mondays (Note: I will not be providing workouts to participants.  See my quickie workouts if you are interested in exercise routines)

WHEN:  Starts Monday 6 January and last check in is Monday 10 March

WHY: Your virtual cheering squad will be looking forward hearing about your victories and able to offer advice when you need it.  It is about the community and relationships formed with group members.

HOW: Email me (mollie at ptmollie dot com) with any questions you have or to register.

COST:  It is £10 to all participants (payable through PayPal before 6 January).

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