Chaya Home Retreat Review

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanks to the lovely ladies behind Lunges and Lycra and 1 cheeky monkey photo, I won an amazing Chaya home yoga retreat back in August.  I invited my friend, Marty, to join me.  Once we finally settled on a Saturday where we were both free, we were counting down the days until Daisy and her team came to visit.

Annabel loved our unintentional blend!
Normally the retreats run 10am-2pm.  Marty had something planned for the afternoon, so we started our day at 9am with the beautiful Annabel (one of the founders of Chaya).  Annabell came to my home where she lead Marty and I through 2 hours of yoga. I had 2 mats already so Annabel brought blocks and straps for us to use.  (If needed she could have brought all the kit for our session.)  We did a lovely long warm up with nearly an hour of stretching.  It was a bit cramped in my living room but we made it work by moving some furniture around.

Daisy turned up right on time at 11am with lunch all prepared.  We started with apple mango nettle smoothies as a way to refuel after yoga.  We were all chatting as Daisy heated up squash/red lentil/coconut curry.  She dished out raw slaw, mango and avocado salsa and the warm curry for me, Marty, and herself.  Annabel had to go, but Daisy packed her some snacks for the road.  The Chaya team uses a lot of the recipes by Hemsley + Hemsley,as they know the ladies. ( I will be trying more of Hemsley + Hemsley recipes in the future.)

I loved the salsa and curry.  Normally I don't like slaw so I wasn't overly impressed with it. The conversation was easy as we chatted about running wellness businesses in London.  As we finished up lunch, Daisy surprised us with home-made granola for anther day (had it for breakfast the next day, delish!) and raw chocolate with goji berries, which were all gone by 2pm.  As we were tidying up lunch, Nora, our reflexologist, knocked on the door.  Daisy packed up and headed off.  Marty and I were left to finish our home retreat.

With the retreat, I was given the choice of massage, Reiki, or reflexology.  Marty is a Reiki practitioner and I have had Reiki before. We decided to give reflexology a try.  Nora works in Brixton and specializes in women with fertility issues.  Since I am not looking to get pregnant, I had a basic treatment.  The cool thing is that Nora is also a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. She uses these skills during  reflexology treatments.  I let Marty go first and kept quiet in the bedroom until her hour-long session was done. My session was very relaxing although I got a bit chilled having my feet uncovered.  I was under a blanket though and Nora always covered my foot if she wasn't working on it.  Being an Aquarius, I have poor circulation and always need warm socks!

Silly me, I thought I would be going to Bond Street for a little shopping after my home retreat was over. However, I was so relaxed I spent the afternoon on the coach doing nothing (which is something I rarely do).  It was such an amazing treat to exercise in my home, have someone cook me delicious food, and tidy it all up too!  This home retreat is a special way to treat yourself and enjoying a calming day. The entire Chaya team was lovely to work with.  You can't go wrong! Chaya also specializes in yoga retreats.  In 2014, they will be travelling to India in January and March.  Several UK dates will be added too.

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