Weekend Challenge

Friday, November 8, 2013

This week I have been talking to a few people about dietary theories and the different ways people have tried to loose weight.  One common theme in some theories that people have found most successful is 'clean eating.'  For those who don't know, clean eating can be defined as avoiding processed and refined foods.  Some people might only eat food that had less than 5 ingredients.  Others will only eat food that doesn't come in packaging.

Your challenge this weekend is to eat clean.  Either set yourself a challenge for 1 day or 1 meal.  Cook a meal from scratch.  Only drink water.  Avoid chips/crisps.  Remember that this is a weekend challenge and not the end of the world.  Take note of how you feel without sugar.  Do you sleep better? Do you have more  or less energy?

If you need some meal inspiration, check out the recipes on this site. :)

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