Weekend Challenge

Friday, November 29, 2013

This weekend challenge is a bit of shameless promotion.  :)

Please tune in on Sunday to the Zero Calorie Advent Calendar.  It is the 2nd year I have put this on with Beeca (From Snickers to Marathon) and Christine (Diary of a Dashing Fashionista).  We have upped the anty this year by having a launch party and several in person events.

To make this an even bigger challenge, commit to doing 5 of 7 video workouts each week during December.  Every day there is a new video, so your body will enjoy constantly being pushed in new ways.

The other part of this weekend's challenge is to follow @RODS_Euro on Twitter please.  As the European Regional Direction of Rod's Racing, I am actinvely recruiting people to run, bike, swim, dance, bake, (anything really) for this worthy cause.  We raise the adoption fees for one orphan at a time.  These orphans are special as they all have Down Sydrome.  In about 2 years, we have placed 10 orphans into loving homes and raised $250,000 (~£153,000).  

Want to be challenged even more?  Join us for the London to Cardiff 24 hour race on 31 May, 2014.  We need 8-12 runners and 4 crew member for this 160 mile race.  We are still working on sorting the race entry details for the team members.  You will be commiting to fundraise £160 for Rods (one £ for each mile) before the race too.  The great thing is the £ go a long way in $!  :)  There are  many benefits to being a team member.

I can also use any help I can get with the European Rod's team so if you'd like to be more involved or have some ideas, please get in touch (mollie at rodsracing dot com).  We are currently looking for corporate sponsors too (for exmaple: airline partnership, sport coaching, fitness products for triathlon disciplines, marketing and design services, etc).

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