Quickie Workout #71

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Remember to go for QUALITY over quantity. If you are unclear what the exercise is I am describing, please look for a video or arrange for an in-person tutorial with me.  Please consult your doctor before engaging on any fitness regime.

Don't forget to breathe! Please email me if you want tips on how to make the quickies easier or more challenging (mollie@ptmollie.com)

Warm  up- 1 min squats, 1 min skier jumps (left to right with feet and hips pointing 45 degrees towards center. Try to get thighs parallel to the ground), 1 min skip/jump rope
1 min- In press up position on hands and toes, step one foot in so it is outside of your hand.  Then step the other foot to other hand.  Return feet to starting position.
1 min- In press up position on hands and toes, hop feet in and out, like a squat thrust.
30 sec each side- Side plank
1 min- Prisoner squats
1 min- Wall sit
1 min- Squat and then alternate lifting knee on the way up
1 min- Hop-hop, then in a squat punch forward 4 times
1 min each leg- Step one leg back with heel on ground. Arms in air.  Pull hands down to waist level as you bring knee up.
1 min- Jump/skip rope
1 min- Plank
1 min- Push/press up

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