Product Review: Bathing Beauty, natural products from North Wales

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

At the Allergy and Free From Show, I had the good fortune to meet the gorgeous George, the brains and beauty behind Bathing Beauty.  Based in  North Wales, this former model, mother, and osteopath also dabbles in making natural beauty products.  She harvests wild plants and uses natural spring water from her village.  She doesn't blend water or cheaper oils in with her products, and therefore doesn't need to add any preservatives, stabilisers or emulsifiers to her products. 

I was lucky enough to try out several of her products.  Across the board, these products didn't irritate my super sensitive skin.  The fragrances were natural and comforting.  Here is a little more info about each one.

Pop Fabulous Effervescent tablets-  This was simple to use, requiring only a towel and warm tub of water.  It smelled like peppermint and made my skin very soft.  I don't usually do foot soaks at home or have soaps in the water when I get pedicures, so it was a nice treat.  It is also at an affordable price point for yourself or a little gift for a friend.
Tips from Bathing Beauty

Sock Fabulous Foot Salve-  After my foot soak, I applied some Sock.  It smelled faintly like menthol and is a thicker consistency (like a balm).  I think this could be applied on dry elbows or anywhere else with cracks.  

Jones the Bones Muscle and Joint Oil- As soon as I opened the envelope, I was hit by a wave of the most amazing smell.  This is used at George's orthopedic clinic on her clients.  It is a soothing therapeutic massage oil and have I mentioned how amazing it smells?  I have used it on my plantar fascitis, as well as DOMS, and absolutely love it.

My husband tested out the award-winning (2nd place at Allergy and Free From Show in Mens Grooming category) Up Close Mens Shave Oil.  He used it on holiday for 2 weeks as it was small enough to carry in his toiletries bag with a slight citrus-y smell.  Usually, my husband uses shaving foam but he had used a shave oil once before and found Up Close to be similar.  Up Close prepared his bristles for shaving but left a bit of a residue on his face afterward.  We think this is to help moisturize the skin.  He didn't notice any ingrown hairs while we were on holiday, which is something he usually has.

I would really recommend supporting this female entrepreneur who sources her ingredients locally and naturally.  She has a genuine passion for everything she does and it comes through in her quality products.

Bathing Beauty was gracious enough to give me these products to try.  I was not paid for this review.  All opinions are honest and my own (as well as my husband's). 

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