Weekend Challenge- All you need is a partner & 3 minutes!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Thanks to the guys at Fitness Playground for the weekend challenge.  I ran/played with them Monday night and had a lot of fun.  If you don't like being in the gym, you should give their sessions a try (first one is free!).

Part of our workout was a friendly game between partners.  In a plank position (on your hands) you have 1 minute for each of the following tests.  Keep track of the score for each one.  Best of the three wins!

1.  Tug of War- Grab each other by the wrist and pull to see if you can make the other person (gently) fall over.  Pulling the elbows is cheating.  One point each time you make the other person collapse.

2.  Shoulder Tag-  One point each time you successfully tap the other person's shoulder.  No face slapping!

3.  Hand Tag- Similar to #2, you get a point each time to touch the other person's hand.

Feel free to comment below with results and photos of the fun!

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