Periodization with yoga and cycling

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My training schedule has been kicked up a notch.  With one client off and married (congrats Alex!) I have a little more free time.  My husband would say I should sleep in, but I took the opportunity to give L!fe Shoreditch a try with a 20 day pass.  Three morning a week, I took part in different yoga and Pilates classes. (I highly recommend Flow Tuesday mornings at 7.15am. The instructor is amazing) This has been a nice change from running and the random strength training session.  I feel it is very complimentary as I am stretching and toning without too much jarring on my old joints.  You should try to add some periodization into your training schedule so your body has a rest and faces new challenges.

With a 60 miles cycling sportive on Sunday (AGH!), I am also trying to get back in the saddle. We finally put my clips on my road bike, which has resulted in a few adrenaline rushes when I fall off my bike at red lights.  I also fell off and hit a curb on a hill climb when my derailleur snapped off  (and hence my chain, then me).  So the training has up its ups and downs literally.

I have also taken my new dedication to cycling as a way to inspire other women to ride their bikes too.  The Breeze Network is a lottery-funded movement to close the gap on the ratio of men vs women on the road.  The are listed events on the site so find a ride near you today!

The extra free time has also meant I have been cooking a little more (read: veggie lentil soup).  Last night I finally made it into the pool for a 30 min lap session only to realize my new goggles don't fit my face at all.  Good thing Decathlon is right around the corner.

Here is my upcoming race schedule (remember this is all in support of Rod's Racing)

30 June Financial Time Sportive (60 mile bike)
21 July National Lottery Run (5 mile run ending in Olympic Stadium)
27 July London Sprint Triathlon (800m open water swim, 20K bike, 5K run)
4 August Prudential Ride London (100 mile bike run, equivalent to a marathon)
8 September Run to the Beat (1/2 marathon)
15 September London Duathlon (10K run, 40K bike, 5k run)

How do you cross train?  Are you trying any new disciplines this summer? Wanna join me on a bike ride? :)

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