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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

With the bags full of goodies I collected at the Allergy and Free From Show (next one is in October in Liverpool!), my office mate (Laura) kindly offered to help out.  Here is her review of one of Alara's Gluten Free Muesli products.  Thank you Laura!

Alara are a company that make organic cereals that are gluten free and also free from any added sugar or salt. The cereal that I tried was the 'into the garden organic goji berry and cranberry muesli'. I decided to try it with some natural yogurt as i personal prefer this to milk.

On first taste I did find the cereal a little bland but then I remembered that it has no added salt or sugar in it so compared to the cereals I'm used to this didn't surprise me! I really like the fact that there is no added salt or sugar because it means I can be more in control of how much sugar I am consuming.

I added a small amount of honey to my muesli and found it very delicious! Reading the ingredients list this cereal is packed full of super healthy ingredients, such as raw buckwheat and quinoa and was also very filling. I couple of my friends have been on the look out for some tasty gluten free cereals so I will definitely be recommending this too them. I will definitely look out for this cereal in the future!

Ingredients as listed on website
Soya Flakes (21%), Sultanas (19%), Rice Flakes (13%), Buckwheat Raw (11%), Linseeds (11%), Sunflower Seeds (11%), Quinoa Puffed (6%), Goji berries (4%), Pumpkin Seeds (2.5%), Cranberries (1.5%)
100% organically grown ingredients
Our goji berries were recently certified as organic!

Alara did not pay Laura or I for this review. All opinions are honest and her own. If you have a product you would like me to review, please contact me

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  1. How was the show? I hope it answered some of your questions (& that you got to try lots of freebies!) :)


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