Weekend Challenge: Chew It Over

Friday, May 10, 2013

Catching up on my Institute for Integrative Nutrition lectures today, the topic of chewing come up. In some dietary philosophies, people are expected to chew their food 100 times before swallowing. That isn't entirely practical for people who have stuff to do, but I feel that it is a lost skill.  Most people take one or two bites before swallowing.  Then we 'wash it down' with a drink.

This weekend, slow yourself down at meal time and chew 25 times before swallowing.  It will be a good exercise in taking a step back from rushing around.  You will also have the opportunity to be a better listener to your dining companions.

Chewing your food makes it easier for your body to digest food, so you should be feel better than you usually do after a meal.  Chewing also helps your body access the nutrients in your food more quickly (because the food is broken down).  True, it make take a little longer to eat your meal, but this means your body will be able to tell you it is full before you overindulge.  Again, you will feel better after a meal.

Let me know if you feel a difference after meals when you complete this challenge.  Bon app├ętit!

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