Cardio Kick- Step Ups

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Step ups are a fantastic way to warm up the body and get the heart beating a little bit faster.  It is important to perform this on the bottom step to avoid falling down the stairs. Also start at a pace that is comfortable for you.  With time, you will build up speed.

1.  Stand on the ground in front of a step.
2.  Leading with either foot, bring first foot up on to step and then the other.  (Up-Up)

3.  Then step down with the foot you started on, followed by the other leg.  (Down-Down)

4.  The pattern is therefore Up-Up-Down-Down.
5.  Be sure entire foot is placed on the step.  Do not let your heels hang off of the edge.
6.  As you become move comfortable with the movement, you can start to increase your speed.

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