How to Perform a Superman

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Don't worry, we will feature Supergirls in a later post.  Supermans are a great way to strengthen your lower back.  Just as you compliment bicep training with triceps work, you need to work your back if you do abdominals.

1.  Lay on your stomach with arms and legs extended straight.
2.  If you have a bad or weak lower back, start by lifting opposite arm and opposite leg.

3.  Hold for a moment.
4.  Exhale and release.
5.  Then switch to other combination.

6.  You only need to raise your limbs enough to feel the movement in your lower back.  No need to reach for the sky.
7.  Once you are strong enough, you can lift all 4 limbs off the ground at once.

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