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Thursday, March 14, 2013

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am about my Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) course beginning next week.  The welcome pack arrived 2 weeks ago and I was a kid on Christmas morning.  The box contained a water bottle; lovely smelling velvet heart; book by Joshua Rosenthal (IIN founder); IIN daily journal; dvds on healthy cooking and shopping; reusable bag, and IIN workbook.

I have already 'devoured' the book (be ready for lots of eating puns in the next year) which briefly touches on a few dietary theories, gives examples of successful alunni, and suggest small lifestyle changes that can lead to big improvements in mood and general health.  Some of the text was a little bit of common sense, but I enjoyed having it all in the same place with research studies to support the need for a clean and sensible approach to eating.

The journal was really inspirational to improve the services I already offer clients.  Last year I had an extra diary on-hand as I was given two for Christmas.  The spare I used as a gratitude journal to remind myself of how lucky I am.  In this fast paced world where you are constantly bombarded with advertisements of how inadequate you are, it was a good check to bring me back to reality.  The IIN journal goes into more depth than just gratitude but has inspired me to improve my virtual training group (VTG) by adding gratitude reporting to weekly emails.

The enthusiasm of my classmates is contagious.  It seems everyone is looking for the same thing- happiness and feeling healthy in their skin.  There is a variety of backgrounds, locations, and experiences with this group of people.  But we all share a passion for helping and healing others and ourselves.  We seem to be missing a little piece inside and feel IIN will help us find our true calling. 

As I mentioned in my big announcement, the course lasts 1 year.  Along the way, I will be updating you on concepts I think you will find useful and tips for healthy eating.

From my perspective, this will be the trifecta of my knowledge and abilities.  I see fitness, clean eating, and wellness coaching as 3 key areas of expertise I can offer my clients.  They are so intertwined on how a person feels- both in their body and spirit.  Think about it:

Which is most important to you- exercise, food, energy or relationships?

Which influences how you look? 
How you feel? 

How do your relationships with yourself, friends, family and co-workers affect your day?

We are going to touch upon these things so please keep checking back.  If you'd like to learn more about IIN, please click on the photo below.

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  1. This is really exciting Mollie! As you know, becoming an IIN student is on my list of goals (it's a matter of funds at the moment) so reading these updates and seeing how you are finding it are really interesting!


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