Winter Workouts

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Winter is well underway and luckily the days are starting to get longer.  Marathon season is around the corner as well.  Although it is cold, wet, and dark out (at least in London), you should still be getting out there.  Whether you enjoy walking, running, cycling, or parkour, here are a few tips to help you with your winter workouts.

1.  Dress appropriately- Weather can change in a drop of a hat.  Dress in layers to allow regulation of body temps.  Try not to have your skin exposed when it is cold out.  If you overheat easily, use a layering system or invest in temp-regulating material (such as merino wool).  Leaving skin exposed you risk frostbite/wind burn.  Wear a pair of long pants to/from the gym to keep your muscles warm (and therefore avoid injury). And of course, have clothes that reflect when you are out running at dusk, dawn, or nighttime   You need to be seen by drivers and cyclists.

2.  Hydrate- You might not feel uber-sweaty or even have much sweat on your brow, but believe me you were working hard!  Depending on your workout, you should either sip water throughout your session or afterward.  Better yet, keep a reusable water bottle in your bag or on your desk.  Try not to drink your calories- stick to water!

3.  Warm up- As you age, warming up becomes more important.  Gentle exercise with increasing range of motion movements will raise your body's temperature and lubricate joints.  Effectively warming up prevents injuries from occurring during your workout.

4.  Cool down and stretch- Do not skip this one!  End your workout with slowing down the movement and breathing in the nose and out of your mouth.  Your heart will start to recover and slow down.  Perform static stretches that last 15-30 seconds (do not bounce).  Stretching will help your flexibility and general mobility on a daily basis.  This step will also reduce the presence of DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness).

After reading through this post, I realize these rules really apply all year round.  Keep in mind that in extreme weather conditions, your body may respond to exercise in different ways.  Always listen to your body.

And ignore the weather.  Get out there!


  1. Hi Mollie, great post! Some really useful tips here, I'll be sure to keep them in mind when exercising during these cold winter months!

    It's great to see somebody doing a job that they are so passionate about, the passion in your posts is really evident and I hope it inspires people to be active and healthy :)

    Simply Supplements

  2. Thank you Suzie for your comments. Fitness is my fun job and hopefully my passion inspires others to get moving. :)

    1. You're very welcome Mollie :)

      May I ask if you take supplements whilst working out? Perhaps for joints? What are the main ones you recommend to your clients? :)

      Simply Supplements


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