Next #TwitFitMeetUp Thurs 21 Feb 6pm

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The next #TwitFitMeetUp will be Thursday 21 February from 6-9pm at Draft House Tower Bridge (on South Bank of river).  This one will be focused on creating training packages and one-off event for Ride London (100 mile bike ride 4 August).  If you aren't interested in Ride London, TwitFitMeetUp is still a wonderful free networking opportunity with others in the health, wellness, and fitness field.

As I am one of the lucky ones who won a spot in the ballot, I woke up on Saturday morning wondering 'what was I thinking?' Fellow trainers and other wellness professionals can use the meet up to establish 'support groups' around London. These group would help locals training for the race meet other riders, get event-specific training, and learn about other complimentary therapies (Bowen, acupuncture  massage, physio). As my husband pointed out, the century ride is like a marathon. Will the general public know how to train for it?
For example, in SE London, I might coordinate long bike rides on Sundays, boot camps on Tuesdays and then Thursdays have a different one-off class with other fitness instructors in my area (such as yoga, pilates, swim, nutrition, etc). I am open to suggestions on how we can make this work for each person involved (both organizers and riders). I was thinking of make another MeetUp group for riders to refer to because it has a forum section (to allow riders to ask questions and coordinate their own rides with friends).  We could also list PT's or studios who want clients sent their way.
Please help spread the word about the #TwitFitMeetUp and start brainstorming ideas for a local Ride London support group. Keep in mind Ride London will be occurring annually.  Having a successful set of clients this year will set you up for years to come.
Join the group on to RSVP and stay in the loop with future events.

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