Race Bling and Vision Boards

Sunday, January 6, 2013

This holiday, my husband and I stayed in the UK and visited his family in Bristol for 5 days.  This is the first Christmas in I-don't-know-how-many that travel was short and easy.  Last year, we went to USA for Christmas and then back to Bristol for New Years.  The year before we were in USA at my parents after a 3 week road trip and about to move to London on New Years Eve (NYE).  The year before that we were living in the USA but in UK for Christmas and hosted a NYE party the day we got back.

Long story short, it was absolutely amazing and thrilling to have a few days to relax, tidy up around the house, and sleep in.   There were a few little projects I worked on, such as tidying my 'floor-drobe' and clearing out (small) boxes I haven't opened since we arrived.  One of the big things I wanted to do was to make our rental flat more like home.  With rentals, it is frowned upon to put holes in the wall to hang a picture or two.  We have been in the same place since we arrived and have extended our lease once again.  I want holes in my walls.  I want to hang up the art that is 'us' and make this place have a little more personality.

I have Tweeted this image before, but my trophy wall is inside my wardrobe door.  I hang up races bibs (with times on the back) and have 2 small vision boards I created when we moved to the UK.  Currently, I am accumulating more photos for new boards, as some of the wishes have come true (make £100 in your spare time, travel to Spain and Greece, and purchases a road bike).

To create your own vision board, take some old magazines and cut out the photos that you like.  Make a collage with them and hang someplace to help you realize your dreams.  You might not know why you like a photo or you might be looking for something specific (for example, a kitchen appliance, breed of dog, or new running shoes)  Here is an article from Oprah.com that goes into a little more depth. 

For a while now, I am have been researching ways (mostly on Etsy) to display the medals (aka race bling) my husband and I won at various races.  They were use on a old door hinge leading into our living room.  Every now and again we would bump them and hear a clatter.

Who knew there was an obsession in the running community with bling?  I had no idea.  (Although, if I completed a marathon or Ironman, I don't think I would ever take the bling off)  I wanted my display to be cool, hip, and reflect multi-disciplines.  Since my husband's medal was going on too, it couldn't be too girly.  Then I needed to figure out where it would go.  Yes, i was ready to make holes but were my brick walls ready?

Sunday morning, I ran 2 miles to the B&Q to look for a mop and coat rack (to battle leaving used sporting clothes on the floor for one more session).  And I was pleasantly surprised to find excellent bling rack options too for under a fiver.

So here is our bling.  It is handing in the entryway as you walk into the flat.  It is good inspiration for me to keep track with the training I need to do this year.

I will let you know each time a new medal is added to the collection, as my fundraising quest this year has at least four races on the calendar.

Where do you display your bling?  Do you have your bibs or race shirts displayed too? Send me a photo and I will post it here.  mollie@ptmollie.com

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