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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Thursday nights are now reserved for my long runs. The lululemon Chelsea showroom debuted their 12 week complimentary run club on 10 January.  Leaving promptly at 6pm and guided by Karen Weir, the group took a scenic route over to Battersea Park.  The cold was shocking at first, but I quickly removed layers after we reached the south bank.  It was quiet in the park except for the group's chatter and a few dog tags jingling.  Several global lululemon shop managers were in London for training and joined us on the run.  The pace was about a 10 minute mile, which was great for me as I am out of practice.  (It also was a wake up call that I need to be hitting the pavement in prep for my upcoming Paris Half Marathon.  Need a PB!)

Karin did a great job offering options for distance and session structure.  We ended up running steady for just under 30 minutes (5K) and then re-grouped.  Some people opted to head back to the shop while others did another lap.  In total, I ran 5.5 miles in 51:18.  Sounds like some sessions will involve speed work and different routes, depending on the group's ability and preferences.

It was a really fun run (great views along the Thames), provided me with a sense of achievement (boy did my legs feel tired the next morning when I was indoor cycling!), and I made some new friends.  I plan on committing to the group for the next 12 weeks.  Will I see you there?

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