12th December

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Please consult your doctor before engaging on any fitness regime.
Remember to go for QUALITY over quantity. If you are unclear what the exercise is, see directions at bottom of post, look for a video or arrange for an in-person tutorial with me (mollie@ptmollie.com).

Today’s workout comes to you from Michael Phan 

11 marathons (inc 4/5 World Majors)
keen Triathlete & @1ELMNT Trainer
#teammotivation #mikesrunningtips #pressupathon
SW London, Balham

bespoke personal training
mob: 07949 252232
email: contact@michaelphan.co.uk
web: www.michaelphan.co.uk
twitter: @michaelphanpt

Tweet Michael and let him know how you did with his #Phantastic Runner’s WOD

After a thorough 10-15 mins warm up + dynamic stretching:

1/2/3/4/5/4/3/2/1 pyramid – straight through

  • 5m fwd/rvse bear crawls
  • jump splits
  • diamond pressups
  • cossack lunges

2 x rounds – 10 reps

  • Standing crawl to plank position
  • Russian Twists
  • Crab Touches (each side)

4 mins tabata (20:10)
Alternate between 2.5m left to right plank crawls vs jump squats

Cool down light jogging + static stretches

Exercise instructions
Bear crawls – on your hands and feet only, crawl the required distance

Jump splits – start off in a lunge position, jump into the air and switch the position of both legs

Diamond pressups – forefingers and thumbs touch in this pressup position. Keep elbows tucked to sides

Cossack lunges – from standing, step to one side and trailing leg remains straight whilst you squat into the outside leg. Push back to standing

Standing crawl to plank position – from a standing position, place hands down in front of feet and then walk out on the hands until the body is in a plank position

Russian twists – sit on the floor, knees 45 degree bend with feet on floor. Keep back straight and lean backwards until abs engage. Keep hands together, lift feet off floor then twist as far as poss to right then left to complete 1 rep.  

Crab touches – start by sitting on bum on floor. Then lift body, so you’re on hands and feet. Then bring one arm up and point arm straight above head. Then bring up opposite foot and touch with outstretched hand before returning arm to pointing behind head.

Plank crawls – in a hand plank position, crawl in given direction whilst maintaining plank position and control of midsection to avoid hips rolling/dropping.

Jump squats – start off in a squat position then jump up as high into air as poss. Squat down fast into next squat as soon as you land on your feet from the last.

A year from now you will have wished you started today.

Two more offers today - we’re really spoiling you!

Today’s first offer comes from Christine’s favourite Powerplates studio - Powertone in Mayfair, London. They are offering a free class pass worth £20 which is valid until the end of January 2013! Powertone Studios is a contemporary workout zone where you can tone up, reduce the appearance of cellulite and get energized in less time than you would believe possible.We specialise in Power Plate training and offer the latest technological advances to produce natural, effective results that you can see and feel fast. A workout on the Power Plate is a completely revolutionary gym experience. Classes are fun, fast and friendly and in just 25-minutes your workout is complete, leaving you feeling stronger, firmer and more invigorated. Sign up for your Free Class Pass to see the results for yourself.

To redeem the offer email mayfair@powertonestudios.com quoting Fat Free Xmas.

Offer valid only at the Mayfair studio and free class must be used by 31st Jan 2013.

The second offer comes to you from Rachel Jane B Therapies.

Rachel Jane Brockhurst offers a fresh approach to holistic massage and is based at The Plane Tree in Bethnal Green, and at Moving Arts Base in Islington. Rachel provides bespoke treatments using Swedish massage techniques to revive, relax and refresh. She selects high quality natural plant oils and waxes such as Jojoba and Borage to nourish and protect the skin whilst treating underlying soft tissues, muscles and joints.The treatments are ideal for aiding the relief of lower back, shoulder and neck pain, dry skin and rosacea, anxiety and stress, and chronic muscular tension. An ideal way to refresh your senses, your body and mind to prepare for the new year ahead!

Rachel is offering a £10 discount when booking a 60 minute treatment in December and January.

To book please email racheljanebtherapies@gmail.com quoting the promo code RJBXMAS10. Alternatively bookings can be made by phone on 07793463323, again quoting the promo code. You will be emailed a voucher to redeem at your appointment. The code must be mentioned at the point of booking to be eligible.

Christine has chosen to raise money for The Katie Piper Foundation, a charity that aims to make it easier to live with burns and scars, by helping people reconnect with their lives and their communities. They also aim to progress extended rehabilitation and scar management for burns survivors; to provide information on and access to non-medical treatments for burns and scars; to campaign for consistent clinical care and to develop a support network for people living with burns and disfigurement. To donate please visit our Virgin Money Giving site at http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/zerocalorieadvent  

Today as well as a recipe, we’re bringing you tips from the lovely people at Plenish and the chance to win some of their juices.

Staying Unstuffed this holiday!

Tips from Plenish Cleanse to Thrive this holiday season!

Drink a green juice every morning. Try our Sweet Sexy Green, Mind Body Green or make your own with the recipe below! Keep your blood oxygenated and alkaline via this vitamin, mineral and chlorophyll-rich elixir. An oxygen-rich, alkaline blood keeps sugar cravings down and diseases at bay.
*  Breakfast Rx:  a solid high-fibre, high-protein breakfast reduces sweet cravings by keeping your body and brain cells fed. Try a chia “porridge: hydrate 3-4 tablespoons of chia seeds with almond milk and “decorate” with nuts, seeds, fruits and spices.  A great pre-workout breakfast and heaps of Omega 3’s for brain power!
*  Curate your Fridge: Pretend House & Garden is going to photograph your refrigerator! Clear out the clutter and fill the high profile shelves with beautiful colourful healthy wholesome foods. Prepare for the week ahead by washing and prepping vegetables and fruits, and sprouts. Make a big batch of quinoa and a healthy dressing/ marinade. With prepped veggies, a quinoa base and a beautiful dressing, you’re set for mixing and matching your meals all week long. Think salads, quinoa bowls and stir-frys.
*  Some Like it Hot (with Lemon!) During the winter months we are often in artificially heated –dehydrating environments, we drink coffee and tea that act as diuretics and we top it off with alcoholic drinks (aren’t you thirsty just reading that?). Water with lemon or lime help you rehydrate in a very strategic way because they are alkalizing agents that help you keep good blood homeostasis. This is also a great de-bloater, skin brightener and vitamin C booster. Need we say more?

PLENISH CLEANSE Jingle (no Jiggle) Green Juice!

If possible, please choose organic produce to limit the potential pesticides you consume. (If not available, wash well and peel the cucumber.) Keeping veggies in the refrigerator will result in cold juice, which is how we like it!

Makes 1 cup.
½ Cucumber
3 large leaves of Cos or Batavia Lettuce
Handful of spinach or kale
½ pear (optional)

Run all items through your juicer and Drink To Your Health!

Would you prefer to have pre-made 100% organic and raw juice delivered to your door?

Click here for your chance to win a tasting flight of Plenish Juices and some healthy snacks from our friends at Foods to Love worth over £200!

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