WEGO Health Activist Awards- Nominations Now Open!

Monday, November 26, 2012

I just received an email announcing WEGO Health recently started their 2012 Health Activist Awards nomination process and I wanted to make sure you had a chance to participate.

Take a moment to recognize the Health Activists that have made a difference this year - your favorite bloggers, tweeters, or facebook leaders; the Health Activist who always makes you laugh; or your Unsung Hero - there are categories for everyone including:

Advocating for Another Award  someone who advocates for the health condition of someone they love. 
Best Ensemble Cast – A group who advocates and raises awareness. 
Best in Show: Blog - Someone who exemplifies the use of blogging. 
Best in Show: Community/Forum - Someone who exemplifies the use of a community or forum. 
Best in Show: Facebook - Someone who exemplifies the use of Facebook. 
Best in Show: Twitter - Someone who exemplifies the use of Twitter. 
Best in Show: Video – Someone who exemplifies the use of video. 
Best Kept Secret –Someone in the online health community who hasn't gotten a lot of attention. 
Health Activist Hero – An inspiring, supportive, and knowledgeable Health Activist . 
Hilarious Health Activist Award - The Health Activist who makes you laugh alongside their advocacy.
Ms/Mr. Congeniality – Someone who always has a kind word, a positive note, and a virtual hug. 
Paperboy Award – The Health Activist who always delivers the latest and greatest health news and research.
Rookie of the Year – A Health Activist who came on the scene in 2012 but has inspired the entire community. 
Silver Stethoscope – A healthcare professional who utilizes social media to make the world a better place. 
Trailblazer Award – The Health Activist who is ahead of every curve and excited by new technology. 
Unsung Hero Award – The member of your community who may not know how amazing and valuable they are. 

Deadline for nominations is 31 December 2012.  I hope you'll recognize me for my efforts and also nominate the other leaders and heroes from our online community. This is a great way to give thanks to those who have made a difference: http://info.wegohealth.com/health-activist-awards-2012

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