Christmas Ideas to Help You Be Happy and Healthy in 2013

Saturday, November 24, 2012

With Christmas rapidly approaching, I have put together a simple list of things you should ask for if you are working towards a happier, healthier life.  Most are very affordable and east to find.  What else are you asking for this Christmas?

Top 10 (in no particular order)
1   Workplay Bags Fleetfoot II and Goddess II bags – Get out the door and hit the pavement running while being organized too.  Consider this investment pieces that you will use every day.  Trust me on this!

2.  Gymboss timer- perfect for interval training  and Tabata workouts


3.      Reusable water bottle- This will help you monitor your daily water intake while reducing the amount of plastic you use.  This one is from lululemon athletica.  :)

4.       Jump/skipping rope- This is easy to pack and everyone from the kids to granny can use it.  Your heart rate will quickly rise as you compete to see who can skip the longest.

5.       Gratitude journal- Sometimes we forget what we should be thankful for.  Take a few minutes every evening to remind yourself.  I also log my workouts to remind me how far I have come on my fitness journey

6.       Motivation cards- Take some time to research motivational quote and images and put together a stockpile of sayings that will get you moving when you just feel like staying home.  I have a few hanging on my bedroom mirror and office door.  There are some in my shop if you are pressed for time.

7.       Measuring cups and spoons (or a scale in the UK)- Monitoring your caloric intake is the best way to stay slim or loose weight.  Pay attention to serving sizes and stick to them!  You can also try smaller bowls and plates.

8.       New running shoes- When was the last time you bought new running shoes?  If your body hurts after running, if your shoes show signs of wear and tear, it is time to buy a new pair.  Find a specialty running shop that videos you running and will help you find the best pair for you.  Only wear the shoes for running and change them out after 400 miles.

9.       Lakeland Store and Save food containers-  OK, you might not need this specific brand but invest in Tupperware that doesn't leak.  I never have to worry about my salad dressing spilling all over my bag.  Bringing lunch with you saves you time, money, and calories. Don't get the cheap stuff and risk it.  Invest in your health!

10.   Merino wool- I am always cold.  I live in my merino wool socks on the winter and you can always find me in merino wool base layers.  They are lightweight but sooooo warm!  I even tested an Icebreaker workout tee in merino.  It keeps the smell down and helps with temperature control.  It will soon become your favorite workout tee even though it is a bit pricey.  BUT it is worth every penny.

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