Weekend Challenge: Check and give me 10!

Friday, September 14, 2012

With technology making instant information readily available at our fingertips, sometimes we forget to unplug and enjoy life.  We miss out on real life interactions and look for something else online.

In an effort to wean you off of the computer, phone, tablet, and TV, I am challenging you to give me 10 push/press ups every time you check your email this weekend.

As an additional challenge for those who want a bigger push, do another 10 every time you log in to social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest, etc).

These push/press ups can be on your knees or toes, in a decline (which will make it harder because your feet are elevated above your head), or against a counter, desk or wall.  You will benefit by working your arms and getting the heart pumping.

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