Weekend Challenge: Get a 6 pack

Friday, August 24, 2012

Tricked ya! Not a cold beverage 6 pack, but strong abdominals.  Most people have a little bit of extra weight around their tummies, and that is ok.  Nutrition is what will help melt the ice that covers your 6 pack.  In the meantime, start stengthening and developing your abdonimals as your core (abs AND back) are used in about everything you do. 

This weekend's challenge is to do 10 minutes of abdominal exercises each day (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).  The 10 minutes can be accumulated (so 1-2 minutes at a time throughout the day) or, if you are more advanced, done in one session  Some exercises I would recomend are:

Boat pose
Toe touches
Reverse curls
Supermans (as we need to also train our lower back)

Please do not strain your neck.  You can avoid this by looking up and behind you when performing exercises on your back.  Another good tip is to keep your fingertips around your ears (think earmuffs) instead of your hands pulling on the back of your neck.

One more thing, remember that celebrities don't have "real" jobs.  They have personal trainers, cooks, nannies, Photoshopped pictures, etc and therefore plenty of help in achieving a slim physique.  Women are not designed to have a 6 pack (that whole baby thing) and would require a very low body fat percentage to achieve defined abdominals.

Work with what you got, be happy you are blessed with the ability to exercise, and the drop and then give me 20 'real' pressups!

Comment below if you have a killer 10 minute abs routine to share!

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