Weekend Challenge: Eat In Season

Friday, August 17, 2012

Summertime brings bountiful fruit and vegetables in the grocery store and farmer's market.  This weekend, I challenge you to find out what food is in season in your area and cook a meal with it (feel free to look back at the recipes on this site for inspiration).  If you shop at a grocery store, look to see where the food came from.  Try to buy local (in your state or county) as that food will be fresh and in season.

If you live in the UK, take a look at Eat The Seasons.  In the US? They have a site for you too.  If you live somewhere else, visit a public market or do some research online to find out what you should be buying.

Eating in season is good for the local economy and reduces impact on the environment as less energy is needed for transport.  Plus it is delicious!

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