Weekend Challenge

Friday, July 20, 2012

We are keeping up with fitness-focused challenges this week by challenging you to spend 15-20 minutes running up stairs in a stadium.  If a stadium isn't handy, a few flights of stairs or even a large hill will do.  Start off warming up by walking up the stairs a few times.  For the descent, go at a calm pace as this will not put added pressure on your knee joints.

Next trying running up the stairs to develop your fast-twitch muscle action.

You can then do 2 stairs at a time to work the quads.

Try hopping up the stairs too for some heart pumping plyometrics.

Bring a friend and race each other to the top!

Remember that stair climbing requires some coordination and fitness.  Metal benches can easily become slippery or wobbly.  Please take care and listen to your body.  Consult a doctor if you are unsure if you are ready for this challenge.

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