Quickie Workout #22

Sunday, July 29, 2012

You can use a kitchen timer to keep track of your intervals. If you are unclear what the exercise is I am describing, please look for a video or arrange for an in-person tutorial with me.

Please consult your doctor before engaging on any fitness regime.

Remember to go for QUALITY over quantity. Don't forget to breathe! Please email me if you want tips on how to make the quickies easier or more challenging (mollie@ptmollie.com).

Warm up - 1 min marching in place, 1 min squats, 1 min  jumping jacks/star jumps
1 min- Mountain climbers

1 min- Forearm plank
1 min- Bicycle ab exercise - Lay on back and bring opposite elbow to opposite knee.  Extend other leg.  Keep shoulder blades off of the ground.

30 sec- Left side plank, either on palm of your hand or forearm
30 sec- Right side plank, either on palm of your hand or forearm
1 min-  Superman - Lay on tummy with arms extended.  Lift all limbs slightly off the ground.  Then bring back to the ground.

1 min-  Push/press ups

1 min-  On a smooth floor, get into a push/press up position with a towel, rag, old t-shirt, etc under your feet.  Walk on your hands from one end of the room to the other, dragging your feet.

Well done!

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