Product Review: Strider's Edge Engineered Climate Map Tank

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Strider's Edge is a new women's fitness apparel that arrived on the London scene this year.  The founder and designer, Katy, is passionate about bringing a high-quality and functional product to active and fit women.  We met in a coffee shop and she talked about how her clothes are made with Italian performance fabrics and why she chooses the expensive zippers (YKK brand).  She gave me the Engineered Climate Map Tank in sunset berry to test out.

Katy explained to me that the Climate Map Tank is created as a tube so there are no seams.  The "climate control" refers to the small circular changes in the fabric which allow additional air exchange.  These are strategically located on the center of the back and along the outer hips.  There is a flattering gathered and stretchy design at the sides that help give the wearer curves even though she is probably wearing a sports bra and spandex shorts.  Hi-vis reflective strips are on the lower back and with a small logo on the front.  A zippered pocket is featured on the back which is large enough to hold a mobile phone, keys, and Oyster card.

First, let me say the color is fantastic!  I received many compliments in person and over Twitter.  The material is very soft and, as promised, does not chafe.  The cut hugs my apple shape in the right places.  Usually, I stay away from tanks that hug my body (as Lycra tends to be unforgiving) but this material is different.  I love how the tank's cut is longer, allowing the shirt to go over my hips.  I never have to worry about my lower back or underwear showing as I ride or move in class.  I wore this to teach a spinning class and then lead an abs class but never felt overheated.  The tank is supposed to be anti-bacterial which I tested it by wearing it for 4 workouts in one week without washing in between.  After each workout, I had a member of the PT Mollie team (my poor husband!) smell the shirt to see if it was increasingly funky.  The first time I was wearing it but the last time, I headed it to him before I put it in the laundry bin.  After the 4th class, he said it didn't smell any worse that the 1st one (and not that bad overall).  So it could have been me who smelled the first time as I was still wearing if at the time of first sniff.

This tank is great for running, yoga, and cycling.  I am looking forward to taking it hiking with me in Italy in August.  Katy's inspiration for the brand is from her love of hiking (hence the brand's name) and being outdoors.  This tank fits the bill and then some.

Strider's Edge did not pay me for this review. They graciously sent me this product and all opinions are honest and my own. If you have a product you would like me to review, please contact me

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