Guest Post: How is your family staying fit?

Monday, July 2, 2012

There are many different dynamics within a family, but the one thing that should always be shared is health and wellness. Creating a healthy family inside and out will allow for kids to grow up with confidence, knowledge and a better understanding of how to stay fit. Exercising with your family is not only fun, but also a great way for everyone to release some extra energy and laugh together.

With that said, the main question is, how can you stay fit with your family? Many answers come to mind such as - healthy eating, exercising, stepping away from technology, learning something new, etc. All of these examples are very good ways to keep your family fit, but it is still extremely important to make these examples habitual. By starting small every day your family can create habits that last a lifetime. Walking after dinner, choosing fruit instead of a pastry, riding bikes, playing sports and reading instead of watching TV…. All great examples to keep your family groovin’ for generations!

Furthermore, there are many ways to help your family understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. First, and most important is to lead by example, showing your child that eating well and exercising is fun can start a chain reaction. Second, explore new ideas, foods and activities with your children to engage all facets of the mind and body – Make life interesting! Last, keep your family fit by working together for a common goal, maybe you would like to walk/run a 5k, go on a bike tour, or even plant a garden. There are so many fun activities that can be explored together!

A great activity that is fun for the whole family is Flip2BFit board games. Flip2BFit, a fitness driven company, incorporates the core values of exercise fun while encouraging everyone to get UP and MOVING through fitness activities. By incorporating yoga, stretching, strength, and cardio in a challenging game, Flip2BFit is able to make fitness a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy. Along with Manor School & Sports College in the UK and FunMeFit, a social outlet for family fitness activities in the UK, Flip2BFit has been able to make more people aware of the dangers of obesity, and how it is important for everyone to be proactive towards staying healthy!

 In conclusion, any activity is better than no activity. Whether it is walking, jumping, running, playing games, and/or just having fun with your family, staying fit is important. Flip2BFit is working to fight childhood obesity ONE exercise at a time, and we welcome you to check out our games. Have fun with your friends or family inside on a rainy day or at a park on a sunny day – Flip2BFit is more than Fitness, It’s Fitness Made FUN!!!

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