Guest Post: Recharge With Reiki Sunshine

Monday, June 11, 2012

Imagine. You’ve just finished your third triathlon in as many weeks. And you’ve achieved a PB. Mentally, you’re buzzing. Physically, you’re dying. So what do you do? Rest for a week until you can walk without wincing? 

If you’re like an athletic mate of mine, you come to me for a Reiki treatment and leave feeling as if you’ve had a week on a sunny beach.

So what is Reiki?
Reiki (pronounced ‘ray’, as in ‘ray of sunshine’, and ‘key’, as in ‘key to greater wellbeing’) is a healing system from Japan.

Mikao Usui, a Buddhist, founded Reiki in the early twentieth century as a way for people to heal themselves. In the West, however, Reiki is mostly used to heal others.

Reiki is offered in the NHS. Heart surgeon, Dr. Oz (‘Oprah’s doctor’) ranks it as his number one complementary therapy. And celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Angelina Jolie are said to be fans.

So why is Reiki so popular?

I’d say because it works.

Reiki could help you:
·        Feel better inside and out
·        Be healthier, happier, lighter and brighter
·        Have more zest for life
·        Bounce back from overtraining

Did you notice I didn’t mention any specific illnesses? That’s because I’m not a doctor.
Reiki isn’t an alternative to Western medicine. So if there’s something medically wrong with you, please visit your doctor.

But Reiki does work well with conventional medicine. It’s also suitable for everyone.

And, in my experience, it gets to the core of issues – not just the symptoms.

It also helps you harness your own inner healing abilities.

Reiki does this by promoting a greater flow of ‘ki’ or ‘life force energy’ (known as ‘chi’ in China or ‘prana’ in India). This helps balance your energy and improve your health. Think acupuncture without the (ick!) needles.

What’s it like to receive a Reiki treatment?
One of my clients says receiving Reiki is like a massage – only better.
As with massage, you often lie down on a massage couch. But, with Reiki, you’re fully clothed and there’s no physical manipulation.

Instead, you’ll feel the hands of your Reiki practitioner gently placed on areas of your body, like your shoulders. Or, if it’s not appropriate to touch, your practitioner will hover their hands above your body. (Interestingly, you’ll probably feel the Reiki even without physical contact.)

So what does Reiki feel like?
Imagine. You’re outside – and it’s bitterly cold. Then, suddenly, the sun comes out. That’s what Reiki feels like. It’s a delicious warmth throughout your body. Or a tingling rush. Or a black mood shifting to sunny optimism. Or a blissed out calm. It feels divine. 

Everyone experiences Reiki differently, so you won’t know what it’s like until you try it for yourself.

But most people are surprised by how relaxed and revitalised they feel afterwards. It’s like a mini vacation. Passport not required.

Photograph by Susie J Stavert 
About the author
A London Reiki Master, Victoria Crump is known as Little Miss Sunshine. In 2010, on the twentieth anniversary of her father’s death, she started sending free Reiki sunshine worldwide.

Sign up for a free monthly bask at or follow her on Twitter for free Reiki sunshine each day @free_reiki


  1. I can testify from personal experience that Reiki works very well. And I discovered that Victoria is a skilled exponent of it following a couple of effective Reiki sessions I had with her. I do three weight sessions a week and some cardio exercise and find Reiki is a natural complement to physical exercise.

  2. I can certainly vouch for Reiki. It is a great way to release physical and emotional stress, I receive treatments and I have also learned how to do it on myself so it is a great compliment to my yoga practice. I would recommend Reiki to anyone - Victoria is very skilled and has a beautiful healing presence.

  3. I met Victoria at a concert when i was going through a very difficult period in my life. We got talking about reiki and she practiced some reiki on me there and then for about 5 mins, I felt a sensation of energy and light go through my body, astonishing and amazing! Not only could I tell Victoria is a very talented Reiki Healer but a very positive and energising spirit. I am now taking up Reiki and taking healing sessions with Victoria.

  4. My first Reiki experience with Victoria was unforgettable. I'd never experienced anything like it before. Stress was melted away and replaced with an utterly unexpected but very welcome warmth and sense of well-being. Extraordinary and definitely worthwhile.

  5. Interesting. The mind is such a complicated thing and the placebo effect so very strong that while I agree it's alway sensible to visit a doctor when you are ill, I still like to keep an open mind about these things.

  6. I haven't had the Reiki experience yet and I have to confess being somewhat unsure about it; scared, perhaps. I also have the peculiar predicament that I am totally unable to do anything like Yoga, for example; it makes me want to laugh hysterically, I must be wired wrong.

    BUT what you describe about Reiki sounds absolutely amazing, and I love the cold winter's day/sunshine analogy. So--I'll give this a try when I can. Thank you for awakening my interest!

  7. As a Reiki teacher and practitioner of eleven years I can honestly say that Reiki is my first thought if I strain, sprain or bruise anything through physical exercise or clumsiness. I have many clients, friends and family who have experienced a significant reduction in aches and pains from stiff muscles, old injuries etc. Recently I hiked the Inca trail in Peru and my old knee injuries would never had allowed me to complete it if it weren't for Reiki. But Reiki can help with sports and fitness in other ways, many sports professionals will tell you it's not just about our physical bodies, it's also about our state of mind and at the heart of Reiki teachings is learning the art of mindfulness. This energy can empower, support and bless our lives in so many different ways.

  8. A friend of mine from work (a very special person actually) introduced me to Reiki, inviting me to a session in London with volunteer practitioners. I had no idea what I was letting myself in for to but went along with an open mind.

    I told the healer that I'm always stressed out and build up a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders. He listened then set to work doing a lot of the 'hand hovering' Victoria mentions above but also focused on my feet, gently putting pressure on them. I didn't feel any different during the session but afterwards, described to the healer how my head felt very light and my feet very heavy - almost like a blade of grass in the wind - my upper body would sway but my feet would remain stationary, ready to withstand anything. He smiled, explaining that he had grounded me.

    The 2-3 weeks following my treatment I felt particularly relaxed and had more clarity of thought than ever, like I'd had the best night's sleep possible. I really believe I’d been grounded.

    Thanks Victoria for being the person to introduce me to Reiki. I find it fascinating and hope to experience more of this type of healing again soon…

  9. Firstly, may I just say it was so lovely to see your face Victoria, having chatted on Twitter. You are indeed a ray of sunshine. Secondly, you explain the Reiki workout beautifully. I am a HUGE Reiki fan. It is incredibly powerful and extremely healing. I love it when the energy of my Chakras come out to play and the colours of my life are vivid and wonderful right before my very closed eyes! Thank you so much for your Free Reiki Sunshine Victoria. Much Love. Joy Andrews ˆ⌣ˆ ❤

  10. Reiki is hands down my favourite complementary therapy and Vicky's summed it up very beautifully here. I first experienced it in Koh Samui in 2003 and was so affected by it I've featured that vivid memory in my fiction. It blew me away and I was a skeptic.

    You don't have to be a 'believer' in Reiki for it to work - because basically it DOES. I came across Vicky online when I was going through a thoroughly horrible time in my personal life - and she sent me distance healing. I'd never had that before and wasn't sure it would work, but it knocked me for six, that not only did it feel like a flood of warm sympathy and sunshine that undid me and made me weep,(but trust me, most necessary tears) but that I could feel the fillings in my teeth tingling! It wasn't an instant fix or overnight cure but God did it help.

    I also now know Vicky in person. When I've been treated by her, I trust her, because in my opinion with any therapy - you should go by your gut and personal experience. There are some things you really should try for yourself, to believe in their benefits and something that sounds as abstract as Reiki is definitely one of them. Nothing bad can come of it, as really you are giving your mind and body the chance to heal itself with a little bit of extra help.

    And Vicky's heart, with her ethos, is in the right place and that's a good place to start. So if you are at all curious, go for it and sign up to her mailing list for free Reiki. I did. xx

  11. A great about what Reiki is and how it can help, Vicky. Bless you!

  12. Beautiful imagery, Victoria...and timely written. My 13 year old daughter was just attuned to Reiki and will begin the Reiki I manual when we get home from vacation. Thank you for sharing your love and sunshine with us on a daily basis. May the glittering rays of that sunshine blanket the world with a sense of love & peace.

  13. I met Victoria on Twitter, where she shows her keen appreciation of Twitter poetry by appreciating my work. Our interaction has not been limited to that, Victoria truly is a ray of sunshine, giving generously of her love, not only to me, but to any she encounters. I am not a Reiki practitioner myself, but my wife has been a Reiki master for 18 years & can confirm everything Victoria says here about Reiki.

  14. Words (breath/breathing) are the life force energy that nurture, heal, cultivate and connect me to ALL of life. The easy and flow of this blog entry by my dear "V" only confirms in resolution the transformative POWER of one's decision to be in HARMONY with creation through the conduit of REIKI. I can feel its powerful, yet gentle impact through "V's" sincerity and am grateful to call her friend/sister/humanitarian/LOVE'SRAY&KEY. I hope this entry will be just the beginning of the many keys carved through Victoria's sacred solitude to share with those on their healing journey to whole. Thank you for yielding to the Love's current and allowing our vibrations to swell in musical collaboration.


    LOVE... Because that's ALL there Is.


  15. I have yet to meet Victoria but the free distant reiki that I receive every month has definitely helped me find spiritual balance and peace. Thanks for sharing the love and light so freely Victoria! :-) xxx

  16. Thank you for being a great lightworker with heart for everyone from everywhere. I grateful for our paths meeting even from the US (Southern Cali)... You are a blessing to the Universe...Liz

  17. Victoria,

    You are such a wonderful being radiating unconditional love. Thank you for all the healing work you are doing

  18. I've experienced Reiki and it was amazing. I've experienced Victoria and she is amazing. I haven't experienced Reiki FROM Victoria but I can only guess that the combination of the two would be phenomenally powerful. Reiki felt to me like the deepest meditation without having to go to the bother of meditating (so it was like being meditated). I haven't a clue how it works - it's deeply mysterious. But part of the fun in is the mystery. As for Victoria - her very presence is healing - even if she's just chatting to you. Or chatting to someone else a few feet away (her aura is very big and radiant). So if you'd like a double dose of 'amazing' I recommend you treat yourself to Victoria + Reiki.

  19. Just want to thank Victoria...excellent blog and what she does and also offers for free is amazing!! More people like her are needed and welcome!!

  20. I would second that comment about Victoria's presence and personality being healing in themselves. She is one of the most positive, giving and energetic spirits I've ever known. I've also experienced her Reiki treatment and felt very soothed and calmed. Her sunshine is in many ways better than the real thing - it can only have healthy effects. Thanks for your perpetual sunbeams, Vix :-)

  21. Thanks Victoria for enlightening us about Reiki. Excellent blog.

  22. Think you are fab victoria ... radiating sunshine inside and out ... you also always have the time and energy to give inspiration and support.... great blog that explains the process in down to earth language.
    love jules

  23. Now you've been welcomed into the sunshine spirit that we all know and love as Victoria. Her gift of reiki spills from her heart and soul as she gives a portion of that wondrous sun every day. It's lovely to get the basics on reiki, the nuts and bolts, as it were, and, of course, the real gift flows from Victoria's loving spirit. I hope many more feel that sunshine now, accept that loving gift, pass the joy of that gift on and bring it back round, full circle, to you, Victoria...

  24. A wonderfully written blog Vix! Your description of what Reiki feels like is absolutely correct and having received your wonderful gift first hand I can honestly say it is the most wonderful feeling. Having stumbled across your website some time ago was no accident but a gift from the angels. Thank you for being a part of my life. Nikkola, Beaming Buddhas

  25. Hi Victoria! Nice article and I can feel your positivity as always. Meeting you through twitter and receiving that first burst of energy from you opened the door to real journey of spirituality for me. Before that I was just scratching the surface wondering if all this can be true. Thank you so much and hope to meet you one day and receive reiki in person. That will be so awesome! :-)

    Much love and light to you.


  26. I met Victoria on Twitter and after viewing her webiste, I emailed her asking for some distance Reiki healing. I received a wonderful gift from a generous and loving soul.
    As I opened my arms and held out my hands to receive the ball of healing energy, I felt a soft, warm and loving embrace surrounding me. I didn't move for ages, I wanted to just sit and enjoy the love and healing I was being given.
    When I did open my eyes, everything seemed lighter and I wanted to smile all day.
    Victoria is a gifted healer and I am so glad that the universal spirit of light has made our paths cross.
    With Love P

  27. I have recently connected with Victoria on Twitter and in the little time that I have known her I can honestly say that this Little Miss Sunshine really is an earth angel - with her warm and encouraging words, so generous with her time and sending out abundant healing energy to all.

    I feel blessed to have “met” you V, keep shining, beautiful lady! Love Mel. xx

  28. Im reciving reiki from 1 year ago...and i can say, now i can do reiki to other people, thanks that in one moment in my life, when i was so bloqued, someone help me to unblock my energy body. Now i can tell u....thanks so much for your wonderful gift. Step by step we are creating a new world.

  29. Thank you so much for sending me reiki healing energy , I felt really de-stressed and energised . It's also helped my strengthen my own reiki healing and feel my reiki is much stronger. Thanks so much what your doing I'd amazing x x x

  30. That has to be the clearest, most un-jargonised and appealing description of Reiki I have read yet. It was refreshing to read your modest qualifier about the medical limits of this therapy, rather than the (all too frequent) implication of its being a universal cure-all. That said, your confidence in Reiki's efficacy and enthusiasm as a practioner shines through and warms my scepticism. You know... I might just try it. :)

  31. * Is * amazing . X x x I feel so much more focused now thanks again <3 x

  32. Vicoria has been an amazing support and inspiration to me in the past year, since I met her and started receiving healing from her at the College of Psychic Studies. She is a very special person and a gifted healer - a bit of a one-off, really! My heartfelt thanks for all the healing, encouragement and wisdom I have received from you so far, Victoria, and looking forward to seeing you again soon.

  33. Yes - Reiki really does work! Nice article Victoria!

  34. I was already a believer, but with Victoria's loving guidance and reiju sent by her from a distance, my love and connection to reiki has grown stronger and stronger. Good work, lovely lady - everyone deserves a 'mini vacation'. x

  35. Victoria, you have a real talent. Keep on spreading the sunshine!

  36. Beautiful Vix. You have brought more than sunshine into my world. Reiki energy and love flows so freely from you that just being in your presence is a healing experience. Thank you so much for coming into my life, sharing your wisdom and being you. Lots of love and sending reiki energy (thank you teacher) back to you. Lots of love Soo xxx

  37. Victoria is a breath of fresh air and a ray of sunshine. She is genuinely warm, generous and caring, consistently offers hugs, reiki, massage, words of wisdom and general good vibes. She's a lovely person to be around, with a sunny disposition to match her super sunshine reiki.

  38. That´s a wonderful post on Reiki, specially for all the sceptics on its efficacy like myself.
    From your words I see it as a feel-good therapy, who would say "no" to such selfless act?

  39. I've had some amazing Reiki treatments form Victoria and just love the way she has explained Reiki especially the sun analogy so succinctly put!!


  40. Vic is one of the most intuitive people I know, and she teaches Reiki in such a lucid and unpretentious way. I haven't started practising as much as I'd like, but Vic's teaching has changed the way I think and inspired me a great deal. 'Energy follows thought' will be forever ingrained in my mind! Now, when I feel tense - which is quite a lot of the time, I practise some of the self healing exercises. Great when you're on the tube or struggling to sleep!

    Jenny Bryans

  41. I was quite skeptical of reiki until I had my first treatment. It quite literally blew me away. Since then Vic has given me lots of reiki both in person and distance healing. She is one of the most sensitive and empathic people I know. Thank you Vic for spreading your sunshine...

  42. A good friend introduced me to Victoria over a year ago and having never come across a Reiki practitioner before I didn't really know what to expect. Instantly I could sense her energy. It's amazing and has to be experienced to be believed.

    Reiki is incredible and Victoria genuinely has an wonderfully powerful aura and energetic presence!

    I'm always grateful to Victoria for introducing me to Reiki and encouraging me to see things just a little differently :-)

    Thank you Victoria!!!

    Jonathan :-)

  43. Reiki Master Victoria Crump is so much helpful lady. I would always remember her. Many many thank you for your free healing energies. Lots of thanks.


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