Guest Post: An Introduction to Weight Loss Boot Camps

Monday, June 25, 2012

While the name sounds intimidating, boot camps are a revolutionary style of losing weight and getting fit. Bad habits are hard to break. Usually, efforts to get in shape on our own, be it through a new year’s resolution, or simply being fed up with how we look, fall flat simply because of lack of motivation. The best way to change our lifestyles and what makes us unhealthy, obese, or out of shape, is to simply be forced into changing our habits for the better, while being motivated by both trainers and people who are in the same boat as we are. Boot camps present just that sort of motivation, while offering you innovative ways to lose the weight and keep it off.
It’s no secret that boot camps involve intense exercise. They don’t call them boot camps for nothing. However, what’s usually missed is all the added material that comes along with any boot camp. Ranging in length from one weekend to up to seven days, boot camps are out to change bad habits to healthy ones, whether it’s lack of exercise, bad eating habits, and even self-esteem issues that can seriously wear on your general health. Boot camps offer some of the most all-around advice you can get from any resource with professional trainers as well as licensed physicians and nutritionists to help you evaluate and understand the situation you may have gotten yourself into.
From an exercise standpoint, you can expect that training will be intense, and occupy several hours of the day. There are two key takeaways that get focused on during a boot camp. The first is simply proper exercise. If you’ve tried to go it alone when it came to exercise and weight loss, there’s a good chance that you’ve been using poor form, which can do more harm than good, with the chance for possible injury. Boot camp trainers know exactly how your form should look, repetition counts, and how often to exercise to keep your weight loss maximized, which leads us to the second takeaway. Not doing the proper exercises to maximize weight loss could result in a waste of your time. It’s no secret that the only way to truly lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume, so if you’re not peaking out on how many calories you burn per hour, you could again be wasting your time, and boot camps are out to change that.
Aside from the physical aspects of boot camps, it’s important for people to realize that the way they eat will impact the weight they gain. Foods that are high in fat and sugars have little to no health value. Unfortunately, they are consumed because of how they taste. Nutritionists are always present at boot camps with the tips and tricks to not only start eating healthy, but enjoy doing so at the same time. Healthy food doesn’t need to taste bland, and you need to shake bad eating habits to capitalize on your weight loss exercises as well.
About the Author: Tanya is a frequent traveler, dietician, and writer for New You Boot Camp. To learn if a weight loss boot camp is right for you, visit their website or follow them on Twitter. 

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