Weekend Challenge: Be Carbon Neutral

Friday, May 11, 2012

With all the rain we have been having in London, I don't blame folks for hitting the treadmill indoors.  One morning though, I made it to the gym at 7am on a clear day.  As I looked around the gym, I saw several people walking on a treadmill while overlooking the beautiful docklands.  All I could think was how nature and the outdoors are FREE. We should be taking advantage of good weather (especially in London!) when we can and get outside.

This weekend, I would like you to choose an outdoor activity and give it a try.  Ride a bike, rent a canoe, go bird watching (guest post coming soon!), take the dog and kids for a walk, hit the trails for a run, fly a kite.  I even encourage you to leave your I-pod at home and enjoy the simplicity of movement.

Invite a friend and catch up while you sweat.  
Listen to the landscape around you.
Reconnect with yourself.
Breathe in your nose and out of your mouth. (One of my favorite sayings when I teach indoor cycling)

I am eager to hear of your outdoor adventure. Please let me know how it goes by commenting on this post.

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