Product Review: Crystal Deodorant

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Crystal Body Deodorant caught my attention on Twitter when it won one of twelve Best in Show awards at Expo West 2012, one of the largest natural product trade show in the USA.  The company was very generous in sharing its all natural products (made with mineral salts) with me, as you can see in the photo.  Let's go through them, shall we?

First, let me start with the Crystal Essence Pomegranate body spray and Crystal Unscented Deodorant Spray.  Both of these products are free of harmful chemicals, which is fantastic for me (my skin did not react at all to these products).  I tried them both and found the spray to dry fast and.  It never felt sticky and didn't leave any marks on my clothes.  I only applied these to my armpits and found the product worked just as well as my antiperspirant/deodorant.  I never noticed a big difference in the amount of sweat or smell even after working at 28 degrees C all afternoon.  The Pomegranate smell was very pleasant and was subtle, not overpowering.

I shared the Crystal Essence Towelettes (Lavender and White Tea, Chamomile and Green Tea, and unscented) with my Virtual Training Group members, as well as testing it myself.  Four ladies responded.  All were apprehensive about how well the product would work and were pleasantly surprised.  The 4 of 5 of us who are nerdy scientists/ecologists felt it was wasteful to throw away the wipe and packaging (note the wipes are biodegradable however).  I felt that the towelette could be half the size and still have more than enough to apply.  These towelettes would be great for gym bags, office desks, and travel bags.

Crystal recently released a mens' line of spray called Rock. The two scents sent over were Onyx Storm body spray (which the site describes as "natural spicy and warm") and Granite Rain Spray body spray ("natural woodsy masculine scent").  My husband, James, and office mate, Fraser, helped me review these products. James thought the Onyx Storm smelled like black licorice/Jagermeister while Fraser said Sambuca. Because of the smell, they weren't keen to try it.  James tried Granite Rain but found it foamed on his skin and underarm hair (he is quite hairy). He also thought it was sticky and took a while to dry.  Fraser liked the smell but would prefer something that prevented sweating.  

Lastly,  we come to Crystal Foot Unscented Deodorant spray.  I used this spray one warm(er) day when I dusted off  my ballet flats and rebelled against socks.  The spray felt cool and smooth when I applied it.  It dried quickly and then I forgot I had it on.  It kept the odor at bay too.

Overall, I really liked the Crystal products we tried out.  I love that they are hypoallergenic and don't have any harmful chemicals in them.  If you'd like to try Crystal products, click here to locate stores around the globe.  I also have 10 towelettes (in varying fragrances) that I would love to snail mail to you in a giveaway.  Simply email me ( your name and address and I will send it your way! 


  1. I have been using Crystal deodorant (the solid rock crystal) since 2006 when I first learned about it in Italy. I love it and would never consider going back to regular deodorant because of the chemicals in it.

  2. I'm definitely going to try that this weekend. I really like how the natural deodorant absorbed the sweat, but I'm not too concerned about sweating. It's my body's natural way of eliminating impurities. I just don't want to stink.


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